Day 67: Sherpa Sookie

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I shared a midday picture of Sookie on her way to see me yesterday!  Well, she made it and with her, she brought momma some chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonalds.  The amount of McDonalds I have eaten during this pregnancy is obscene.  Especially since in the 8 years prior to being pregnant I maybe had McDonalds 4 times.  I can’t help it, their french fries and BBQ sauce are the best combination EVER.  It has been a favorite of mine since childhood.  Being pregnant, it is impossible to abstain.

Sookie arrived via Sherpa (bag), hopped out and sniffed around the room.  We ended up having to sneak her in because the pet people never called us back to give us a “golden ticket” which is just a little permission slip to give security.  Sookie seriously loves her Sherpa.  Leave it to a lazy doggie.  It really didn’t involve much sneaking since once Kayvan hits our floor the nurses all want to say hi to our girl.

Sookie's Sherpa Ride

We have made a bit of progress since last time.  Sookie included me in her room investigation and licked my hand when she made her way over to the bed.  Before coming over, Kayvan stopped by the pet store to spoil our girl a bit and got her a bully stick.  So while we ate, he gave her the bully stick to chew on.  She has become a much better chewer in the past 3 months and has learned to hold the chewy on her own rather than wedge it under the couch…or like she used to…my foot.  Kayvan bought the extra stinky brand so our room and her breath reeked but my girl was happy.  When I was done eating I called Sookie’s name and was totally ignored.  I mean total, bull headed bulldog ignored.  Her ears moved, so I know she heard me but she didn’t move a single inch.  I guess being in this bed, I don’t exist…until Kayvan put her in the bed with me and put the stinky chewy away.  Then my cute little smush face snuggled right up and took over her fair share of this twin sized hospital bed…half.  I told her that since I’m pregnant, I’m entitled to 2/3 of the bed.  That got me a very resistant little puppy who stood up, half asleep and leaned back on my belly in an attempt to use it as a pillow and reclaim her space.  She moved when the baby started kicking her.

Sookie, doing what she does best.

I also made the girl a little accessory which all of the nurses loved.  I think it is pretty cute too and Kayvan put up with it, like everything else I dress her in.

Kayvan and Sookie left me on my own last night and went home around 8:00.  This is the second night I have been alone in the past 66 days.  It wasn’t too bad, the Oscars came on shortly after they left so I had something to half pay attention to while I putzed the internet and/or played bejeweled.  Kayvan called me 15 minutes after he left the hospital.  He is driving my car this week and it seems he likes that my car connects to his phone via bluetooth for hands free talking.  He used to always grumble at me if he was driving and my phone was connected.  Now I know it was JEALOUSY!   It was time for vitals when Kayvan called, so I had to call him back.  I started to get sleepy around 10 so Kayvan, Sookie and I hopped on google video chat to say goodnight.  I don’t know what I would do without technology in here.  Of course, I was awake until midnight watching the rest of the Oscars.

When I woke up, today it was Monday again so that means a bright and early blood draw.  I hate it when the blood people talk to me in the morning.  You do not need for me to be awake to draw my blood.  Just come in, turn on the light, put the needle in my arm, take what you need and leave.  I will sleep through the needle prick and the tourniquet on my arm.  When you leave, turn the light off and close the door.  I don’t understand why the blood people ASK to turn the light on.  Like I’m going to tell them no and make them blindly hunt for my veins.  Today’s lab chick saw Sookie’s carrier and asked if my dog was here.  I told her no, that she was here yesterday and she continued with, where did she go, who brought her, why is the bag still here (like the dog can’t walk too) etc, etc, etc.  There goes the idea I had of sleeping in.  So I texted Kayvan good morning.  Today is the day my poor baby is being spayed.

Kayvan dropped Sookie off at the vet about 8:00 and she still LOVES that place.  He said she she started to pull on the leash as soon as he opened the door and he had to stop, make her sit and calm down.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it.  Chinook, a 75 lb family Husky would pull on the leash when we took him to the vet too…in the OPPOSITE direction of the door on the way in and would LAY DOWN in an effort not to budge.    Sookie’s breeder did a great job socializing her for a number of situations, cars, kids, city life, the vet but it probably helps that our vet just LOVES Sookie and has a French Bulldog of her own.  Matter of fact, 2 of the vets and 2 of the vet techs at our office have Frenchies.  When she goes in for quick check ups they will take their Frenchies out of the crate (they come to work with the vets) and let them run together.  It is the most hysterical thing to watch these stocky, snorty little dogs chase each other.  Last time we went for a shot they got Sookie so incredibly excited that poor puppy Sookie vomited all over my car!  Back to the spay.  I’ve been so worried about having her spayed since I scheduled the thing last week.  Anesthesia is incredibly dangerous for brachycephalic breeds but I picked our vet because she knows Frenchies well and specializes in this special type of little dog.  We can call our vet for an update at 3:00 and I can’t help but obsessively check the time.  I know my girl will be okay but I want to hear confirmation from the vet that she is fine, she is happy and will spend the rest of the day resting until Kayvan goes to pick her up tomorrow morning.  I get Kayvan again tonight since Sookie will be at the vet, then he is all hers for the next 9 days.  Once she starts to heal a bit more, she can come up to visit with Kayvan during the day.

Kayvan came to the hospital after he dropped the pup off at the vet.  I’m glad he made it early.  He got here just in time for my ultrasound.  It cracks me up because all of the techs say “well it is definitely a boy!”  This child is a flasher.  It probably just seems that way because they always have to check my placenta and that is where his booty is…and on the other side of the booty of course are the boy parts.  I was hoping to have a measurement ultrasound on Wednesday and may still.  This scan was to check the amniotic fluid levels since they were so incredibly low last Wednesday.  We are back up just a bit.  Last Wednesday we were at 1.42 and this morning we were at 2.89.  I’m happy to see that flooding my body with as much water as possible this past week has paid off.  Not that I don’t typically do that anyway.  Since we made a little climb I’m confident the doctors will still plan to induce me at 36 weeks rather than 34 if we are able to keep it up.

The non stress test went well too.  He had hiccups when the nurse put him on, of course but once those went away we got to see a little bit of activity on the strip…I just had to be patient.



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  1. Good luck, Sookie! Be a brave girl and set a good example for Lily who gets her snip snip tomorrow! 😉

    Glad things are going as well as you could expect! I miss you and it feels like I haven’t seen you in a long time! It has been over a week! But I can live vicariously through your blogging! :p I’ll definitely be popping by this week as I’ll be in FL next week, so let me know if you have any special requests! 😉

    • Kayvan talked to the vet yesterday and I just talked to the vet this morning. She did SO well. Our vet loves and spoils her lol. Sookie poo pooed (as in wouldn’t eat) the Science Diet they tried to feed her this morning so the vet went into her personal stash and fed her the food her little Frenchie, Emmy eats.

    • Kayvan talked to the vet yesterday and I just talked to the vet this morning. She did SO well. Our vet loves and spoils her lol. Sookie poo pooed (as in wouldn’t eat) the Science Diet they tried to feed her this morning so the vet went into her personal stash and fed her the food her little Frenchie, Emmy eats.

      Good luck to little Lily tomorrow and yes, come see me!

      • Haha that’s too funny that she knows what food is good for her! ^_^ So glad her surgery went well, hope she gets to come visit you again soon! Speaking of visiting, I’m thinking Friday will be the best day for me to come visit, I’ll let you know when I’m planning on coming by to make sure it’s a good time for you! 🙂

  2. I hope all went well! miss ya!

  3. Doing good so far!

  4. I’ve been reading your blog. You & Kayvan are certainly getting to know each other after spending so much time together in the hospital room. It looks like the two of you were certainly made for each other, getting along so well. He is proving to be Mr. Super Supportive-Loving Husband, the envy of many!!! He’s going to make a super dad just as you are going to make a super mom! I’m so glad things are going so well and that birth is coming up soon. I’m sure you are getting tired of waiting, but remember: good things come to those who wait. And the baby is worth waiting for. Heather said you had a nice baby shower. I’m sure when the baby comes & you are able to go home you will be thrilled to be in your own home, your own bed! Take care & may your waiting become only a brief memory in the big picture of things! Love, Ms. Linda Zeman

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for keeping up with us. You’re right, we are learning lots…and laughing even more. I certainly hope you are right about our parenting skills…and about this whole stay being a blip on the screen.

      Other than the baby, I’m looking forward to sleeping in our bed the MOST!

      • “SLEEPING”?! With a newborn at home? Hahaha that’s a good one! ;p

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