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I’m a happy go lucky lady with a pretty positive outlook on life. I work for a national newspaper as a project manager and consider myself lucky to work with non-profit organizations on a daily basis.

I started this blog when I was pregnant, as many first time moms do. I hadn’t planned on it. My average and normal pregnancy quickly turned not-so-average on 12/23/2010 when my water broke at 23 weeks. Unexpectedtly, I found myself in the hospital on bed rest and very high risk. My official condition was Pre-term Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM). The doctors expected me to deliver within 72 hours and shared with me just how grim the outlook for a baby so pre term would be. 72 hours turned into 12 weeks on bed rest–pregnant the whole way. While in the hospital this blog became many things. A way to let family know what was going on, to break down any questions they might have, a way for me to remember what happened the day before and most importantly, an outlet–because lets face it, life in the hospital is no picnic. We made it to 35 weeks, an amazing feat and our adorable little boy makes me smile every day. It is my hope that this blog not only serves as a resource for myself to rembember experiences past but helps women who may unexpectedly find themselves in my shoes during pregnancy, or even after with a pre-term baby in the NICU.

Kayvan works in network security for a large internet company. Jamie thinks he is the best, most supportive husband in the entire world and the most dependable dad ever. You will see reference to him quite a lot in this blog he never actually posts himself.

While Jamie was in the hospital, Kayvan was too. He spent all but 10 nights on what has been affectionately deemed “the inside” with Jamie. The time that was spent away he was caring for little Miss Sookie who was recovering from surgery. While a patient in the hospital, Jamie got a bed. Kayvan only got a really really uncomfortable hospital recliner to sleep on.

The star of mommy’s blog is our sweet little boy who made it worth everything in the end. Kamran was born at 35 weeks and spent 33 days in the NICU before coming home 2 days before his due date. The first few weeks were spent on oxygen, under bilirubin lights, on TPN & lipids. Not bad for a preemie. What kept him in the hospital were brady spells and desats. Though it seemed like it took forever, Kamran eventually grew out of the food related bradies and was allowed to come home.

Sookie is our first baby. A little fawn French Bulldog with the personality of a sweet little clown. Sookie turned 1 in January 2011 and shortly after really learned how to be a stubborn gal. Jamie often calls her a bull-headed bulldog as Sookie sits at the top of the stairs repeatedly ignoring the “come” command. This is quickly remedied by “I have a treat” girl is very food motivated. Sookie loves car rides and we have to be very careful when we say “Let’s go” or “walkies” anywhere within Sookie’s ear shot. She LOVED to visit Jamie in the hospital and was the best little bed side companion. Now that everyone is home, Sookie is great with Kamran. We do have to remind her that it is not okay to lick the baby. She will often sniff his face, it’s her thing. Babies do smell good, after all. Kamran LOOOOVES his entertaining little doggie and giggles at her silly antics.

Jax is our old man cat. Lazing around the house is his favorite pasttime. We all think he is Kamran’s favorite and is in for it once the child starts crawling. Lazy cats are an easy target for little fingers.


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