Juice: Toddler Contraband

December 27, 2013 at 9:29 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Christmas updates will come soon but first I had to share our laughter this morning.

One of my best buds has recently started juicing. Think juice machine, fresh fruits and veggies, and amazing for you. Not store bought concentrate. I’ve been juice curious myself and went for a visit yesterday with my refrigerator full of veggies in tow. Two jars of juice came home with me. So. Delicious. Seriously. I’m finishing off a beet and carrot juice as I write.

The very beet and carrot juice I had to run and hide to drink because my awesome food-loving toddler kept stealing it from me. You see, he only drinks water or milk and has only ever had apple juice twice in his life. He didn’t really like it much either. Beet juice is a totally different ball game. I went to a restaurant with him that served juice recently and he drank more of my juice than he did the “special treat” chocolate milk he and his friend were splitting. I had forgotten all about that until this morning. Out comes *my* beet juice and over runs my toddler, literally wagging his tongue to try it. He chugged and chugged and chugged the juice then smiled that cute bright fuchsia smile of his and asked for more. I shared but eventually had to run and hide since this is my breakfast today.

I’m so proud of this little dude’s food choices. Don’t get me wrong. Like any toddler, he asks for cookies if he sees them but apples are more frequently requested.

Check out these juice boy photos and giggle with us.




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