Day 43: Belly Envy

February 4, 2011 at 5:23 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 7 Comments
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Yesterday I got to go to the “social hour” that they hold for all of the mommas on the floor.  It is basically a baby class that is held for one hour each week and a great excuse to get the doctor to let me out of the room.  The topic this week was baby care.  I was the last one escorted to the class, via wheelchair of course and got in as everyone was finishing up their introductions.  There were 11 of us and the girl directly to my right was also 29 weeks 2 days pregnant with a little boy.  She shared the story of why she is here like everyone else before her did and I picked up the trend.  “I’m Jamie, 29 weeks 2 days pregnant with a little boy.  I have been here 6 weeks today and was admitted just before Christmas when my water broke at 23 weeks.”  I didn’t hear all of the introductions but the “oh wow’s” went around the room and I realized that I have been here the longest Continue Reading Day 43: Belly Envy…


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