Hospital Friends

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As Kayvan and I got off the elevator leaving the NICU yesterday I heard “Oh Jamie!” as a very familiar voice shouted my name across the hospital lobby. I was headed in the other direction and quickly spun around like a deer in headlights and wondered if I was about to be scolded for being out of bed. It was my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor who delivered Kamran and the woman darn near sent me into a postpartum post traumatic distress syndrome type flash back. Continue Reading Hospital Friends…


Call Me a Meanie if You Must…

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Someone has been using my e-mail address as their “spam” account…I get e-mails from redbox, blockbuster express, shutterfly and sometimes family members she doesn’t want to talk to.  I’ve decided to be a jerk since this has been going on for years.  When the opportunity allows, I plan to exploit the information this person has decided to send to MY inbox.   Some people just aren’t smart when it comes to safeguarding personal information.  Here is opportunity #1 that the “other JamieMichelle” has put in my lap.  If I were truly a jerk I would upload dirty photos in place of her children…or perhaps PhotoShop the photos of her kids.  She should be thankful I’m not that awful.

Check out the shutterfly the “other JamieMichelle” used my e-mail address to create…and the description I took the liberty of writing for her.

Ah Phooey

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I spoke too soon…or maybe with a little too much hope. Kamran had a Brady while eating again this morning. He has to go 3 days without difficulty feeding before he can come home…so that means at least another 3 days. I wish the doctor never even mentioned the possibility of him coming home this week. I don’t need the upset. But we will deal with it.

Our CPR class and meeting went well yesterday. It felt like we were at the hospital forever yesterday and have hardly seen the boy.

We need to figure out a new schedule I suppose. I can drive now and Kam is staying at the hospital so Kayvan went back to work today. I’m guessing we will start visiting in the evening?

Kamran is due for his circumcision today too…poor guy.

Can someone please press fast forward until he is home?

Insatiable Thirst

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Holy cow I’m thirsty! 100% of the time I’m thirsty. I always have a very large container of water with me now. It’s insane. I’m sure it goes hand in hand with the constant hunger I have due to nursing. How is it no one has mentioned this to me before?! I’ve been warned about the constant need to eat, which I’m cool with. But seriously, I just chugged a huge glass of apple juice in a few seconds. Continue Reading Insatiable Thirst…

Baby Bird

March 27, 2011 at 3:09 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Sookie the French Bulldog | 2 Comments

I’ve mentioned that Kamran can be breastfed once a day. Well, we do that because it is not only good for him but he does really well with it. The most obvious downside to him being in the NICU is that I can’t be there 100% of the time and therefore he has to be bottle fed my breast milk. Best substitute. Well, the poor kid is just plain confused. He always opens wide like a little baby bird when he is bottle fed and doesn’t quite latch well. Bottles don’t work like that. And for some reason, he does the opposite when he is breast fed at first. Once I break the bad first latch it just clicks for him. The nurse said to buy him an avent single hole bottle to try out today. They usually require a new bottle and nipple for each use but we shall see how this pans out. Fingers crossed it works. Continue Reading Baby Bird…

Moving to a New Room

March 26, 2011 at 2:43 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments

I called the NICU to check in on Kamran last night and the nurse said that he took the full 42 cc bottle on his own for his 9 p.m. feed. She also said that the next tine I call that I should ask for his new room number because Kamran was graduating to the feeders and growers room last night. Yahooo!! Continue Reading Moving to a New Room…

My House is too Empty

March 25, 2011 at 2:05 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments

I have already established that leaving the NICU is hard. Coming home to an absolutely empty house is hard too. I want to hear my annoyingly vocal cat meowing for attention as I walk in the door. I need to hear my puppy defensively barking at the intruders in the most wimpy way possible from her crate.

So what did I impulsively insist on yesterday? Picking up Jaxie cat, of course. Heather has has had him for us the past few months and lives 5 minutes from our house so we got him after our hospital visit. Sookie is a bit further of a drive (Stacey, I’ll probably email you later. Don’t tell Kayvan I said so.) 😉 Continue Reading My House is too Empty…

Wait, Can You Repeat That?

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“Kamran has been discontinued from his TPN, lipids, bili lights and the pic is coming out today.”

“Wait. Did I just hear you right?! The pic is coming OUT of his leg?!”

That’s about how my conversation went with the doctor. Then I asked the nurse, “Did she really say…?” Our boy should be in an open crib again the next time we see him. With HIS clothes on. Continue Reading Wait, Can You Repeat That?…

One Week, One Day

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Kamran turned one week old yesterday.  It is insane to think I should still be 36 weeks pregnant.  To the bed rest mommas, I know it isn’t easy doing what you are doing but having my baby in the NICU for only a few days has been harder than being on bed rest for a few months.  It is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Tough it out, no cheating either.  I know it is tempting to do more than get up, go to the bathroom and get in bed.  Call your nurse, or if you are home, call your husband to get whatever it is you need for you.  I didn’t have Kamran an extra week early because I was up and about more.  I wasn’t.  I’m just telling you that sitting in bed is worth it and way easier than the NICU.  At least it is for me. Continue Reading One Week, One Day…


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Not MY minime…Kayvan’s.

Tell me this child doesn’t look exactly like his father. He has my mouth but that is about it.

Kamran, 6 days old

Kayvan, 6 days old

Continue Reading Minime…

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