Christmas 2014

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What a great Christmas we had!  This was the first year Kamran could communicate his understanding of Christmas with actual words.  Leading up to Christmas, little dude wanted zero to do with the Santa man.  We waited for a while before we decided to go for a visit to see him.  When we did visit Santa, it was a family photo.  Honestly, I’m glad he won’t just go sit on any lap…even if he gives away toys and dresses up like a character.

We have one standing holiday tradition on my side of the family.  That is Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family.  They are all local to one another (a small hike for us) and that makes it super convenient to see everyone for a nice meal and exchange gifts.  Kamran’s favorite gift that night was from my Aunt.  The boy was captivated with a Thomas book that has teeny trains and a play mat at the back.  He didn’t move and had no interest in the gifts everyone had for him.  There are 2 other littles his age right now as well which makes it all super fun.

Kamran is very interested in helping me take photos.  It was interesting to learn that the folks who hide from me will smile nicely when Kam is “helping.”  Noted.  (The snowman he took approximately 20 photos of all by himself.)

Christmas Day, I cooked breakfast/brunch and family came to visit us.  Let’s just say that little man is the only grandchild on both sides for now.  Someone received lots of big gifts.  He is LOVING all of them.  Most importantly, he received several learning toys which are great so that I can work with him now that we are home together.  My brother wins a big gold star.  He drove an hour to be here at 6am and watch Kamran wake up to see that Santa had come to visit.

All in all we had an amazing few days with family.  Who cares about the gifts, having everyone visit our home was the very best part.


Halloween 2013 | Easy Homemade Toddler Yoda Costume

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So it seems I’ve been a very bad blogger lately!  I find myself wearing several hats (pun intended) lately and starting up my new little business has lots of my energy going away from this blog.  Sorry!  I’m still here!

So this Halloween was Kamran’s first true time trick or treating.  He had an absolute ball–so did my husband and I!  Little guy dressed up as Yoda in a costume made by yours truly.  He spent a good few days practicing his light saber sounds and breaking in his Yoda hat.

Homemade Toddler Yoda Halloween Costume

One thing little man said quite a lot tonight was “Hi Ms. Ya-yen!  Tank ew Ms. Ya-yen!”  As he helped himself to **more** candy from the neighbor’s dish.  (Don’t worry, the candy is for ME, not him–he gets raisins and organic lolipops.)  In addition to candy, he also took “Ms. Ya-yen’s” nose.  Don’t worry, he gave her his in return.  Two is honestly my favorite age so far.

IMG_7257 copy

I have to share this costume and how I made it because it was probably one of the easiest things I’ve ever made.

IMG_7250 copy

Necessary Skills:

To make this costume you need 3 real skills.  You *do* need to know how to crochet and make the hat.  (Or you could just order one from me  The other two skills are fairly easy–cutting and hot glue.


Green yarn for the hat.

2 medium sized mens t-shirts.  One brown and one tan.

3 glow sticks, preferably green–we didn’t have green.

Electric tape

Some sort of belt/rope/twine


I typically don’t use patterns for my crochet work.  I wanted to get this hat done quickly so I opted to use a pattern.  This pattern from Knot Your Nana’s Crochet.  It took me a day-ish of working on it as I had a minute.  I crochet rather fast, so perhaps give yourself and extra day if you think you need it.

For the robes.  The men’s brown shirt is the base.  Just put it on your child.  The tan shirt should be cut up the front and center so it opens like a robe.  I just eyeballed it.  You could hem this (sewing or adhesive, iron on hem tape) if you want, I just tucked the raw edges under once it was on my little guy.

I just happened to have the perfect belt for my little dude to borrow.  If you don’t have one, tan colored rope or twine would work just fine.  It wrapped around his waist twice and had plenty of room for the ends to hang once tied.

You see 2 light sabers in the photos above.  The big one is a geek-item belonging to my husband.  Little dude actually walked around the neighborhood with 3 glow sticks, hot glued together.  The handle is just black electric tape wrapped on itself.

Playing Tourist

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Today was quite fun! A friend of ours has family visiting from Ireland and invited us along for their trip to DC for the day. It was so nice to spend time getting to know everyone in person, put names to faces and hear a little about my friend as a child–from her parents.

Kayvan and I have always lived in the DC suburbs. Close enough to visit the city but far enough for it to be a full day trip and a super fun treat. Kayvan was at work today though. I was sad about that, especially since we went for Kam’s first “train” (metro) ride. Kam boy is a very careful critic and gave the metro some serious looks. He was cranky at the beginning if the trip, too. New people and teeth. Totally justified. All in all, Kam loved riding the train (and eating his applesauce. Don’t let the dirty look in the photo fool you.

Today we visited a few memorials, the Lincoln–fit with scaffolding thanks to the person who doused it in green paint a few weeks ago–I actually didn’t take a photo of the paint damage. Kam was very busy at this point in the day so I ended up chasing him for a few laps around the perimeter as he shouted “Kam running, Kam running! Mommy chase me!” His little bud eventually joined the fun, too! Thank goodness Kam is super duper slow. His run is my walk. Kamran also decided that he NEEDED multiple photos taken, posing by every pillar and saying “cheeeeeese”. I instantly regretted not having my big camera with me. He was shockingly independent during the first part of the trip considering he was teething and is usually rather attached to me with new people around. He walked most of the way from the metro and up and down the steps of the Lincoln.

Next we admired the reflecting pool and the Washington monument…also fit with scaffolding as it is under repair for earthquake damage. We’re a mess in DC, aren’t we!?

We popped over to the Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials and then to the WWII Memorial. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Korean War Memorial. It was foggy, night time and…kinda eerie. The Vietnam War Memorial just blows me away every time. The number of names on the wall…the number of lives lost. No words. The WWII–probably my favorite of the 3. All of the state names in one big, round circle, the beautiful fountain which you can dip your toes in and the view of the Washington Monument. There is also familial meaning. My great grandfather was a Prisoner of War who returned home.

Course, we couldn’t leave the city without a trip to the White House! There aren’t a lot of photos of my friends family here. I made sure to take lots of family photos as I could. I took them from their devices though.

Man, my feet are KILLING me as I sit in bed writing this. Worth it though, great day!



















Toddler Fun: Baking Soda, Vinegar and Colors

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So this was a blast for both myself and Kam. I got the idea from Pinterest. Basically, you cover the bottom of a baking pan with baking soda and add food coloring to a few tablespoons of vinegar. Cheap and I already had everything on hand.

I love this activity because I could explain that adding vinegar to baking soda makes it fizz. He IS two though so all he really responded to was “BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES!!!”

I also found this to be a great way to talk about colors. I let my son pick the color he wanted next and I would draw the color up for him to squirt in the pan and we would talk about it. At one point he asked for purple so I explained that red and blue make purple, drew it up and let him drop it in. We also talked about how red and yellow make orange. If we had a dropper with a bulb on it he probably could have done this himself.

All in all, a great learning activity I recommend. Here are some photos!






Blowing His Nose = All Grown Up

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Today is a snow day and working from home means no commute and extra time under the covers. Parenthood means the exact opposite, of course.

Kamran was exploring this morning but let us stay in bed for an extra few minutes. SO NICE! Our boy is growing up.

This morning Kamran found tissues–a toddler’s favorite mess to make. He said, “nose?!” Meaning he wants to blow his nose. I asked my husband to help him because unassisted nose blowing means a mess. Before he could get to the tissue-laden toddler, he was done blowing his nose and saying “trash” headed to the trash can. Guess he doesn’t need us anymore!

He also found his snow boots in our closet and insisted they go on his feet. I guess he does fully comprehend what snow means!

I haven’t updated in a few weeks so…Kam is a total blabber mouth and it’s super fun. He is king of repeating the same word 5 times before you have a moment to respond. Lots of his words sound like bad words but aren’t.

B**** = Fish
Ass = off or wash
Douche = shoes

We had Kamran’s final NICU follow along 2 weeks ago, the speech pathologist said he is right on track for a 2 year old on speech development. Same goes for other development areas as well. We are so lucky and happy about that! He should start stringing more words together soon. Oh, and no more adjusted age!

Have a fun snowquester/snowquestration today everyone!


Life in the NICU–Advice for Mom & Dad

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It has been nearly two years for us and I still remember Kamran’s days in the NICU.  I have said several times before that one single day in the NICU was 1,000 times worse than my 82 days on hospitalized bed rest.  The question of “what should I expect in the NICU” came up on my mommy board so I wrote a list.  I’m sharing here as well with the hope that it helps.  There are so many things I’m sure I am not covering but these are a few gems I learned.  Please feel free to contribute in the comments.

Our son snuggling dad, a few days old.

Our son snuggling dad in the NICU rocking chair, a few days old. March 2011

Disclaimer–I am a mom–not a doctor.  The information below is information I learned from personal experience, not any sort of official medical training.  Aside from medical intervention, which your neonatoligist will explain once your preemie is born, I have some things I remember.

Hold on Tight:  The NICU is a RIDE. Our son was born at 35 weeks, 5 lb 3 oz, 18 inches and in the NICU for 32 days.  Every day is different and like every hard time, there are highs and lows.

Celebrate Your Baby:  Your baby was born early and has some hurdles to overcome.  With this birth being so scary and possibly traumatizing (it was for me), remember to celebrate!  I was so incredibly happy to be a mom and love my son.  At first I found myself mourning my pregnancy, the birth I thought I would have, the full term baby I thought I would bring home 2 days after he was born and it was a true effort for me to celebrate my son at first having to focus on everything that was “wrong.”

Communicate with your L&D nurses:  If you know your baby has a good chance of going to the NICU, the neonatologist and NICU nurse will be in the room.  I had a csection and before my surgery began, I’m sure my blood pressure increased when the perinatologist asked if the NICU was in the room.  You might assume that doctors, nurses and even your husband know you want a picture with your baby at birth.  Don’t make that assumption and  before your baby is born, ask for someone to take the first photo.  Not a single person took a photo of me with my son the first moment I met him.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over that.  Once your baby is born, his or her health and wellness are a priority and it will be a super stressful time for everyone in the room.  The doctor’s and nurses will check your baby, make sure he/she is okay and then let you look at him/her and touch BRIEFLY if they are.

Ask Questions and Write Everything Down:  I cannot stress enough how important it is to ask questions.  Lots of them.  With that, write everything down.  If a procedure is suggested ask why your baby needs it and what the risks are.  Even ask what your baby’s restrictions will be.  For example, a friend of mine didn’t know that you cannot hold your baby for 24 hours after they receive an umbilical IV and learned the hard way.  She didn’t get to hold her baby until she was 2 days old.  I wouldn’t have even known to ask that question if she didn’t tell me about it.  We also couldn’t hold our son at all for 48 hours after he received his PICC line.  There may be visitor restrictions in your hospital.  Our son was born during flu season and only my husband and I were allowed into the NICU.  Our parents didn’t get to meet him until he was a month old.  It sucks but rules are rules and they are there not only to protect your child and their well being but other babies in the NICU who may have more severe medical conditions than your own.  Call your nurse for updates whenever you want.  You simply cannot be at the NICU 100% of the time.  When you aren’t there, call for updates.  Every parent does. I would call as soon as I woke in the morning to see how our son did overnight and always called before bed.  I would also call if I was up pumping in the middle of the night.  The updates always had the same key info.  New weight if weighed, any brady spells or desats, any procedures needed or completed, how he ate and his bowel movements and any significant milestones like “no more isolette!”  There were days where I just couldn’t handle bad news–so I would make my husband call and that is OK too.

Medical Intervention Can be Jarring:  When I met our son he had an IV in his head.  I didn’t know to expect that.  Your baby will be connected to cables and wires, tubes and a number of beeping devices.  It was my norm and all I knew after I got used to it, but know to expect your baby will be attached to medical devices.  While your baby is attached and the monitors are beeping try not to look at the monitor if it goes off.  Look at your baby. Learn your child.  When they come home you will be on the edge about “what if they brady” or “what if that”…knowing what your child looks like when something is happening it will help prepare you for home life sans monitors.

Visiting the NICU:  Yes, this is your baby but there will be times you simply cannot visit the NICU.  Ask your hospital about these times.  The first few days, our son had to be taken for testing or procedures and I didn’t learn right away that I should call first to let the nurses know I was on my way.  Having just had a csection and wanting nothing more than my baby, I would quickly become angry when I walked all the way to the NICU from recovery only to learn I couldn’t see our son because he was being moved for a medical procedure and I had to come back later.  Once you go home, call to let your nurse you are on the way and expect to bottle feed or nurse when you get there.  If they don’t know, your baby may just be finishing up a feeding when you arrive.  Talk about upsetting when your breasts are so full and you need to nurse, you want to see your baby but then have to spend the first 20 minutes pumping because they JUST finished a meal.

Your Baby Sets the Deadlines:  Since our son was a late term preemie, my husband and I definitely only expected 10 days max in the NICU.  When he didn’t meet the milestone I set for him, I got really frustrated and depressed. Your baby will set the pace.  The doctors and nurses will diagnose and treat your baby to get him or her home as soon as they can.  If your NICU is like mine was, they are trained specifically not to give you any deadlines because they really don’t know more than the baby shows them each day.  Expect timelines to be more like “your baby needs to show us they can do x and y for x# of days before he/she can go home.”

You Are Not in Control: You ARE mom so don’t be afraid to speak up and for your voice to be heard. Your baby can’t talk. There will be “rules” your NICU has for you, know those, follow them and learn to differentiate between a suggestion from a nurse and a hard and fast rule. There will be so many people who tell you what to do with your baby it is so frustrating being mom but temporarily not being “primary care giver.”

Don’t Believe it Until You See it:  If your doctor or nurse says “Your baby might get to go home tomorrow!” it is conditional.  If you baby has a setback, like a brady spell overnight, your baby will not get to go home. It happened to us and two other preemie families I know.  I learned that until my son was in my car, I couldn’t tell myself he was going to finally go home.  Like everything else in the NICU, setbacks keeping your baby in the hospital are frustrating.

Inexplicable Heartbreak:  There will likely be a day you have to leave your baby at the hospital and go home for the first time. Nothing can prepare you for that heartbreak and the fact that you are not in control makes it worse. Make sure your husband and family know to expect tears, frustration and just plain inexplainable, unfathomable grief.

Nursing?  Ask Your OB for a Pump Prescription:  If you are planning to nurse, ask your OB for a prescription for a pump before you discharge. For most insurance companies, the pump is covered under insurance as a medical device. Insurance will pay for more if you buy your pump from a medical supply company.  You may also need to have an insurance form signed by your doctor for the pump as well ask for this before you discharge too.  You will have plenty of medical follow ups to do once you go home, this will help you simplify.

Use Hospital Resources:  You will feel alone but you are not.  Ask to meet your hospital Case Manager and March of Dimes family support coordinator. They are super helpful and know about hospital resources for you like free parking passes for the hospital garage, infant CPR classes for when your baby goes home and even scrapbooking for your baby book.  NICU will provide lactation consultants as long as your baby is there. Use them.  If you are nursing, your hospital will likely provide you with the sterile “snappies” they require you to use.  The March of Dimes has lots of resources and research as well, check out their website.

Take Care of Yourself:  You have to take care of yourself too. Go home and shower, sleep as well as you can.  It will be hard to pull yourself away.  You simply cannot live in the NICU, in fact, if your NICU is like mine, you probably are not allowed there during shift change.

Ask for Footprints:  There is so much happening and other priorities in the room when your baby is born.  Once things have settled down, ask your nurse to take footprints.  I didn’t get my son’s footprints taken until he was a few weeks old simply because I didn’t know to ask.

Ask for Medical Records at Discharge:  Ask for medical records WHEN your baby is discharged so you don’t have to track them down later–there will undoubtably be A LOT of specialist visits and follow ups her first year. It will be helpful to know what procedures were performed and when.  I had no clue how many specialist visits there would be the first year.  There were times where we were at the doctors or a specialist twice in one week.  It was a crazy time but we got through it and you will too.

Take Care of Daddy:  This sucks for mom but if you are married or have a partner, you are not alone.  Any sort of stress is hard on a relationship.  It is really tough to balance your life outside of the NICU when you have a baby in the NICU.  Be open about this but also try to spend time with your spouse.  Even if it is just dinner in the hospital cafe.  If you have other children at home, I can’t help with that because I haven’t lived it–but I imagine that would fit in this bucket as well.  Perhaps gifts from the baby, show them lots of pictures and find time to spend 1-on-1.

Be Thankful:  Don’t just say thank you.  BE THANKFUL.  Your doctors and nurses work hard and care for your baby.  Smile, give hugs, don’t just tell them thank you, SHOW THEM YOU ARE THANKFUL.  Visit if you can.  Stay in touch, bring them cookies.

I know lots of preemies from our NICU stay. They all had a really rough start to life and they all had completely different issues and medical interventions. Some were in the NICU a short period and others incredibly long. They are all turning 2 and have completely caught up. You will get through this too.

Our time in the NICU has left a lasting impression on our family.  We have participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies every year since Kamran was born.  This year will be our 3rd year walking.  Every year I am simply blown away by the amazing families, the tiny survivors we meet and how much we all have in common.  Further proof that you really are not alone on this journey.

Furlough (Furcation) Day 2: Cardiology Follow Up

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Day 2 of furlough started with a cardiology appointment at 8:45 am for Kamran. I obviously scheduled an early appointment to accommodate my work day. When I chose this week as my furlough week I decided to let the early appointment stand and I’m glad I did. It was nice to still have a full day.

We went to the cardiologist yesterday to check on Kamran’s ASD. He was born with an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosos) and PPS (Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis). The PDA resolved in the NICU and PPS had resolved by the time he was 2 months, his last follow up at the cardiologist. At the 2 month follow up the ASD shrunk but was still there. Our good news yesterday? The ASD has completely resolved! It’s gone. No more heart follow ups, no more EKGs and no more echocardiograms! I have to say though, Kamran really liked this particular cardiologist. So much so that he followed him out of the office when the appointment was over.

After the cardiologist, we went to visit with Aunt Nikki and her mommy. Aunt Nikki has 3 dogs, and Xander, the teacup yorkie just LOVED the pint sized human who is Kamran. Kamran loved him back. The first 20 minutes of our visit was filled with a curious, hoppy puppy and a belly laughing baby. Eventually Nikki and Mrs. Rita pulled out lots of loot they were prepared to spoil Kamran with. Books, a reading toy and…a huge, fun car for Kamran to ride in. We drove him around the living room a bit and then he took over and did the pushing. After all of that fun was had we went to lunch at one of my favorite taco places. TIPPYS! It was good to catch up with family yesterday. Kam had fun, I did too…and Kamran went to bed an entire hour early. We wore his butt out!!


Our Second Annual March for Babies

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Kamran is only 13 months old and has now officially participated in two March of Dimes walks.  This past weekend was the March of Dimes March for Babies annual walk.  This year we recruited friends and family to join us!  I want to share a special thank you to the friends and family who walked with us this year.  It meant more than you will ever know.  Same goes to the friends and family who sponsored us by making donations to the March of Dimes.

Last year Kayvan and I took Kamran and participated in the March for Babies together for the first time.  We raised $180 between the two of us in only a matter of a few weeks.  With more time this year, we were determined to do better.  This year Kayvan and I raised $1,225 between the two of us AND had a few friends join in on the fundraising fund.  I am proud to share that I raised over $1000 making me a March for Babies top walker.  With the joint effort of our family and friends, we raised a combined total of $3,080 for the IFHC – NICU March for Babies team.  Our friend Beth who joined us also raised over $1,000 as well.  Beth and I were so proud of the funds we raised that we decided to branch out and form our own family team next year.  That means you can expect lemonade stands, bake sales, perhaps a Loopsi Daisy hat promo and lots of donation requests going out to local businesses we frequent–in addition to all of the fundraising efforts we typically put in with our friends.

I remember last year’s walk was super emotional for me.  This year the emotions were a little easier to manage with friends joining us.  It probably also helped that friends read the tribute signs along the route before I did and would say “Don’t read that one, it’s sad!”  At one point a friend told me not to read a sign moments after I heard a woman say, “Oh here is our sign.”  I of course read it and asked another friend if it was too late to give the woman a hug.  Her baby had anacephaly and was born in silence.  5 days later she lost her husband.  I didn’t know how to react after I read her sign knowing it was hers and she was standing right next to me for at least 1/4 mile.  The walk certainly helps us keep perspective on just how fortunate we are.  Yes, we were dealt a tough hand at the start but everyone is healthy today–and that is what matters.

Here is a photo of the 3 of us at the end of the walk.

The finish line! Our second March for Babies Walk













More photos are here:!i=1837158780&k=SdkR4NS


The Day Kamran FINALLY Came Home

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Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of Kamran coming home from the hospital for the first time ever. He was in the NICU for what felt like an eternity (every NICU parent says that) 33 days.

There is a lot about NICU life that will stick with me forever. One thing it seems I will always remember is the feeling that I would never get to bring my baby home. The neonatologists and nurses do a good job of not giving NICU parents false hope. They don’t say “I think you will be here X days.” Actually, they make every effort NOT to set deadlines or tell you what you want to hear. When you ask questions to that effect, you are quickly reminded that you are on the baby’s time. We learned that quickly when Kamran was in the NICU. he was certainly in no hurry.

After about 10 days in the NICU, the nurses started to get Kamran ready to go home. He was showing signs of being close to ready. He got his hearing test done and other fun baby things. We were urged to take our infant CPR class. The most encouraging part was when his nurse actually said to us “I think you will get to take this guy home soon.” We were so happy to finally hear it!! She was wrong. To go home, Kamran had to go 72 hours with no brady spells. What we didn’t know at the time was just how hard that would be for him to do. Waiting was the worst part for us. When we woke up in the morning, I would call for Kamran updates. After providing his record number (which I still remember), I would always ask if he had any spells. The answer would inevitably be yes. Eventually he started going 48 hours only to Brady a few hours later.

When the time came, we actually didn’t tell anyone that Kamran was coming home until we were on our way to get him from the hospital. Most friends and family found out via text on the way home. This was because we knew that until discharge papers were in hand, there would be no discharge.

Kamran was so teeny in his car seat. He was only 6 lb 7 oz when he came home. It’s insane how small he was…and he was a big preemie!

Tonight Kam learned to throw and spent about 30 minutes throwing his toy, chasing it and repeating. Watching him grow and learn is simply the best. To think of where he was this time last year just boggles my mind.



Do I Really Have a Toddler?

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Define toddler for me.  Technically Kamran doesn’t “toddle” yet.  We’ve had 2 unassisted steps and maybe a cumulative 2 minutes of time standing on his own.  He doesn’t even know he took the 2 steps, but I know.  I saw it last Friday.  Kamran is not interested in a repeat performance.  Heck, he doesn’t even want to stand.  Sometimes he will test the water, let go and grab whatever it is he was holding himself up on.  I don’t like that we are now calling him a toddler just because he has experienced a birthday. Okay, maybe it is really that I can’t believe I am mom to a 1-year-old. Kam has grown from my 5 lb helpless little wonder to this 21 lb wrecking ball. He’s curious about and into everything, has the most wonderful, smiley personality and is such a sweet, loving boy.

Little ones learn so much in the first year. I don’t think I ever realized that. Kamran can stand on his own, but won’t, walks when his hands are held and loves to cruise furniture or clear a good shelf. (Poor Sookie has been victim of more shelf avalanches than she would care to admit.)  The fact that Kam isn’t walking is no big deal to me most days.  I’m actually largely thankful that we get a little extra time to “relax” before walking begins.  Lately I’m amazed at Kamran’s vocabulary.  He is only 1 but actively attempts to communicate with us. Every week it is something new.  Last week according to Kamran, every moving animal and insect said “meow”…and he meowed at them to make sure we knew this.  He also says “meow” when you ask what the kitty says.  I felt like I was experiencing real life “Super Troopers” antics.  In addition to saying “meow” more often, he discovered that he would receive his favorite food if he said “ba-a” (banana).  This week he wants down.  He says “daaaooo” and bucks in your arms until you put him down. 

Back to how much Kamran has grown.  Last year he fit in the basket he now sits next to.  He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he fit. 

Then: April 2011

Since I haven’t blogged about it for a bit, we are now 23 days away from the March for Babies.  I have raised 33% of my goal so far and am working hard to raise the rest.  In addition to being for a good cause, if I raise $250 between today and Friday, 4/20 I am entered into a drawing for 2 roundtrip airline tickets.    Donations are absolutely appreciated and can be made at

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