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Today was quite fun! A friend of ours has family visiting from Ireland and invited us along for their trip to DC for the day. It was so nice to spend time getting to know everyone in person, put names to faces and hear a little about my friend as a child–from her parents.

Kayvan and I have always lived in the DC suburbs. Close enough to visit the city but far enough for it to be a full day trip and a super fun treat. Kayvan was at work today though. I was sad about that, especially since we went for Kam’s first “train” (metro) ride. Kam boy is a very careful critic and gave the metro some serious looks. He was cranky at the beginning if the trip, too. New people and teeth. Totally justified. All in all, Kam loved riding the train (and eating his applesauce. Don’t let the dirty look in the photo fool you.

Today we visited a few memorials, the Lincoln–fit with scaffolding thanks to the person who doused it in green paint a few weeks ago–I actually didn’t take a photo of the paint damage. Kam was very busy at this point in the day so I ended up chasing him for a few laps around the perimeter as he shouted “Kam running, Kam running! Mommy chase me!” His little bud eventually joined the fun, too! Thank goodness Kam is super duper slow. His run is my walk. Kamran also decided that he NEEDED multiple photos taken, posing by every pillar and saying “cheeeeeese”. I instantly regretted not having my big camera with me. He was shockingly independent during the first part of the trip considering he was teething and is usually rather attached to me with new people around. He walked most of the way from the metro and up and down the steps of the Lincoln.

Next we admired the reflecting pool and the Washington monument…also fit with scaffolding as it is under repair for earthquake damage. We’re a mess in DC, aren’t we!?

We popped over to the Korean War and Vietnam War Memorials and then to the WWII Memorial. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Korean War Memorial. It was foggy, night time and…kinda eerie. The Vietnam War Memorial just blows me away every time. The number of names on the wall…the number of lives lost. No words. The WWII–probably my favorite of the 3. All of the state names in one big, round circle, the beautiful fountain which you can dip your toes in and the view of the Washington Monument. There is also familial meaning. My great grandfather was a Prisoner of War who returned home.

Course, we couldn’t leave the city without a trip to the White House! There aren’t a lot of photos of my friends family here. I made sure to take lots of family photos as I could. I took them from their devices though.

Man, my feet are KILLING me as I sit in bed writing this. Worth it though, great day!




















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