Do I Really Have a Toddler?

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Define toddler for me.  Technically Kamran doesn’t “toddle” yet.  We’ve had 2 unassisted steps and maybe a cumulative 2 minutes of time standing on his own.  He doesn’t even know he took the 2 steps, but I know.  I saw it last Friday.  Kamran is not interested in a repeat performance.  Heck, he doesn’t even want to stand.  Sometimes he will test the water, let go and grab whatever it is he was holding himself up on.  I don’t like that we are now calling him a toddler just because he has experienced a birthday. Okay, maybe it is really that I can’t believe I am mom to a 1-year-old. Kam has grown from my 5 lb helpless little wonder to this 21 lb wrecking ball. He’s curious about and into everything, has the most wonderful, smiley personality and is such a sweet, loving boy.

Little ones learn so much in the first year. I don’t think I ever realized that. Kamran can stand on his own, but won’t, walks when his hands are held and loves to cruise furniture or clear a good shelf. (Poor Sookie has been victim of more shelf avalanches than she would care to admit.)  The fact that Kam isn’t walking is no big deal to me most days.  I’m actually largely thankful that we get a little extra time to “relax” before walking begins.  Lately I’m amazed at Kamran’s vocabulary.  He is only 1 but actively attempts to communicate with us. Every week it is something new.  Last week according to Kamran, every moving animal and insect said “meow”…and he meowed at them to make sure we knew this.  He also says “meow” when you ask what the kitty says.  I felt like I was experiencing real life “Super Troopers” antics.  In addition to saying “meow” more often, he discovered that he would receive his favorite food if he said “ba-a” (banana).  This week he wants down.  He says “daaaooo” and bucks in your arms until you put him down. 

Back to how much Kamran has grown.  Last year he fit in the basket he now sits next to.  He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he fit. 

Then: April 2011

Since I haven’t blogged about it for a bit, we are now 23 days away from the March for Babies.  I have raised 33% of my goal so far and am working hard to raise the rest.  In addition to being for a good cause, if I raise $250 between today and Friday, 4/20 I am entered into a drawing for 2 roundtrip airline tickets.    Donations are absolutely appreciated and can be made at


You Never Know What Tomorrow Will Bring

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This morning I read the blog I posted on 3/14/11.  One year ago today.  I seriously had no clue what was in store the following day.  12 hours later, really.  It was actually about this time of night last year that I started to get a sneaky feeling that something else was about to go awry with my pregnancy and for once I wasn’t happy about being right. 

I will never forget the last night I was pregnant.  I truly was trying to enjoy every second at that point.  I knew that my pregnancy was going to be shorter than the norm.  As I bought more and more time, I cherished it.  Every kick, every movement.  I would ask Kayvan if he saw that…even when he wasn’t looking.  Or if he wanted to feel Kamran moving. 

The night before I had Kamran, I had a tough time getting comfy in my tiny, twin sized hospital bed.  I could typically rely on sleeping comfortably on my right side later in my pregnancy.  Not that night.  Kamran, who always had his feet perched on my right pelvic bone decided that he was unwilling to share.  As I rolled over to sleep, he gave me the kick of a lifetime staking his claim. Like a big baby, I swore that he broke something, rolled to my left side and fell asleep. 

In truth, I liked that kick.  I had noticed that Kam’s kicks had become different.  Stronger.  That night, that kick gave me the confidence I needed to know Kam had grown into a baby strong enough to make it.  Kamran timed his message well, too.

Tomorrow is our amazing little boy’s birthday.  Time really does fly.  I can’t believe how fast he has grown, how well he is doing and what a smart, happy, loving boy he has become in just a year.  He’s been through a ton and has taught me and Kayvan just as much in the process.  Expect a sappy blog after Kam goes to bed tomorrow night too.

And because I haven’t blogged about it much lately, just a reminder that we will be walking in the
March of Dimes, March for Babies in May.  Please walk with us or donate, the March of Dimes was a significant resource for us last year.

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