9 Weeks: March of Dimes Walk

May 18, 2011 at 3:35 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments

Kamran is 9 weeks old, 8 lbs. 3 oz and has a head circumference of 14 inches. The doctor was pleased with his growth since last week but of course, would like to see him start to catch up with babies born full term. Kamran’s doctor was also very pleased with the fact that Kamran rolled over a few weeks ago and again last week. When the doctor put him on his belly he got really angry but also pushed up onto his forearms (something I haven’t seen him do much at home yet) and lifted his head to look at the wall in front of him. When he was flipped to his back, the doctor grabbed his hands and pulled him to the sitting position and Kamran’s head came with his body. He has great head control and tracks us when we come into or leave the room. Kamran loves to talk to daddy during play time. He coos and smiles and generally seems to like to look at Kayvan’s face. He looks at me too but I can tell he already adores his dad.

This week was a better week than the last. Kamran still has his hernia. It’s really really tough to get in with this surgeon. They are waiting for a schedule from the medical office. This is just for the consult. It’s a bit frustrating as they are the only pediatric surgeon in this area. We can go into the city but would rather something closer to home for matters of simplicity for Kayvan and I but also, we know the hospital, the hospital knows Kamran (very well) and this surgeon comes very highly recommended by a great pediatrician and a great hospital.

This weekend Kamran, Kayvan and I participated in the March of Dimes, March for Babies. Kayvan and I really enjoyed it. I think Kamran did too. He was so awake, happy and alert when the walk started. Kayvan was carrying him and he had his head up and eyes wide open watching all of the people. I went to take a picture with Kayvan’s phone and it was accidentally on video. I have about half a second of Kamran being super awesome before I said, “oh it’s on video” and stopped recording. Doh! I wish I videotaped him longer. Kayvan and I have decided that we will for sure make the walk an annual tradition. Kayvan and I raised a combined $180.00, and we only signed up a week before the walk. Thank you to our friends who donated. Next year we will be nagging you all to walk with us. Consider yourself warned. The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Before my pregnancy I recognized the importance of this cause. Since becoming pregnant and going through everything I did, the cause will be one forever close to my heart. Without magnesium it is very likely that I would have had Kamran at 23 weeks 2 days when my water broke. Because of research that has been done on the effects of magnesium, betamethazone steroids and the importance of antibiotics for a pregnant woman with ruptured water, I was able to remain pregnant 12 weeks after my water broke. That 12 weeks saved Kamran approximately 318 days in the NICU. That is, assuming he would have survived birth at 23 weeks. Let’s not forget that the doctors prepared me for the very real fact that survival for Kamran, if born at 23 weeks was highly unlikely. To be blunt, what I’m saying is I would have had a stillborn at 23 weeks without research and modern medical technology. Instead, I had my beautiful baby boy at 35 weeks. He spent 33 days in the NICU and while there, the March of Dimes was an invaluable resource for me and Kayvan. In fact, they still are. The walk gave me (and I think Kayvan) lots of perspective. Maybe I’ll dive into that deeper in a later blog. This is about Kamran’s 9th week of life.

So, beyond last Tuesday we spent a lot of time trying to understand the hernia and figuring out how to sleep through the night. Kamran started eating a little more than 3 ounces every 3 hours consistently. Saturday Sunday was the walk, Monday was the Doctor appointment.

Kamran and I usually walk the W&OD trail with one of my friends from the hospital and her twins…Kamran’s buddies every Tuesday. This Tuesday I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I didn’t know what it was but it burned so bad I was worried I had somehow gotten strep. I had to cancel and was incredibly bummed. Our weekly walk forces me to get out of the house and I really enjoy the adult time with my new found friend. Living in the hospital, she and I went through a lot of the same things. Her little ones were born exactly a week before Kamran when they were 34 weeks so she and I really relate. Instead of walking, Kayvan worked from home and hung out with Kam so I could go to the doctor. Thankfully, the strep test came back negative. I was told to treat this as a viral infection, though my throat and ears are the only things that hurt. So lots of fluid (though I drink tons of water anyhow) and sleep (something that isn’t so easy these days). Last night Kayvan took Kamran all night and I slept from 8 pm to 5:30 am. Kayvan is super amazing and today I feel great–well, I still have the sore throat and earache! Kam doesn’t seem to want to nap today or I would be napping too.

We have an appointment with the cardiologist next Tuesday to see if Kamran’s preemie heart issues have corrected themselves. Fingers crossed!

Favorite photo of the week: http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Family/Kamran/16237032_y3GA4#1296898637_CbVK6tk



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  1. sounds great! go baby Kam! being sick sucks! just hope little one doesnt get it!

  2. […] Last year Kayvan and I took Kamran and participated in the March for Babies together for the first time.  We raised $180 between the two of us in only a matter of a few weeks.  With more time this year, we were determined to do better.  This year Kayvan and I raised $1,225 between the two of us AND had a few friends join in on the fundraising fund.  I am proud to share that I raised over $1000 making me a March for Babies top walker.  With the joint effort of our family and friends, we raised a combined total of $3,080 for the IFHC – NICU March for Babies team.  Our friend Beth who joined us also raised over $1,000 as well.  Beth and I were so proud of the funds we raised that we decided to branch out and form our own family team next year.  That means you can expect lemonade stands, bake sales, perhaps a Loopsi Daisy hat promo and lots of donation requests going out to local businesses we frequent–in addition to all of the fundraising efforts we typically put in with our friends. […]

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