Weeks 20 & 21: Finding a Work/Life Balance

August 11, 2011 at 2:24 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Howdy folks, sorry I didn’t update you last week. I’m sure the blog is much more boring now that I’m no longer in the hospital, Kamran is no longer in the NICU and doesn’t need surgery and his reflux is no longer figuratively killing all of us via lack of sleep. In all honesty, I’m glad I could entertain for some time but I’m VERY happy to be back to boring. I may miss a week or two here and there but I will do my best to keep everyone up to date. These days, the blog is for me to remember all of the important milestones but also to share them with you since I feel, Kamran’s milestones (big and small) are worth celebrating. I’m sure some of you think “oh what a first time mom.” but I often think about the very real possibility that we could have lost Kamran and smile at his milestones quite a lot.

I have been back to work for a month and a half. The transition was actually easier than I thought. Now that I’m back into the full swing of things I’m trying my very best to keep a good work/life balance. Going to work when I’m supposed to, doing my very best while I’m there and leaving on time so that I can come home and spend as much time as possible with my family. The leaving on time part has always been a challenge for me. I’ll work until the wee hours of the night if you let me. This is the reason I thought I would for sure fail at hospital life. Life in the hospital taught me that there is more to life than just working all the time–lately I have found myself forgetting that message and at times leaving 20, 30 or at times an hour late. My boss is actually really great at just telling me to leave. (I’m not brown nosing.) I’ve been told that I cannot stay later than her. We will see how I do with this rule. So far, I’m doing much better about leaving work on time than I did pre-Kamran. However, work has been super busy the past few weeks and I’m just so drained when I get home that I want to change into PJs, and snuggle before giving Kamran his bath and putting him into bed.

Last week I vowed to blog on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Of course, neither happened. Kamran had his 4 month pediatrician appointment and immunizations last week. He is still a little guy for his age but HE’S ON THE CHARTS! This has always been true for his head. Boy has a big noggin but he is now on the charts for height and weight. Last Wednesday, 8/3 Kamran was 13 lbs 8 oz, 22 3/4 inches long and had a 16.5 inch head circumference. (That’s 10th percentile, 5th percentile and 25th percentile respectively.) The doc was quite pleased with his progress thus far.

Two days after his two month shots, I noticed Kamran had a rash. I thought it was normal and brushed it off at first. It got worse and so I called the nurses line at the pediatrician to be told rashes are NOT a normal reaction to shots and that he had to come in. When I saw the doctor I was told he had heat rash and not to worry. Welllllll….2 days after his 4 month shots he got the same rash. It is NOT heat rash but does look like it. I’m thinking we are going to have to figure this out before his 6 month shots. I’ll talk to the doctor about it but I’m thinking we may need to stagger the shots or something.

This past weekend was filled with babies and BBQs. It was fun to see all of the little ones growing up. There are 5 babies who were born in 2010, 4 of which are all a week or two apart and are starting to toddle around. We had some hair pulling which resulted in screaming and just all around innocent learning and fun. By the way Kamran was not the one pulling hair or having his hair pulled. I did get some fun photos of all of the kiddos. http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Friends/Babies/18475591_ZPJ8CR/1425476748_92KWfMc/1425477764_wmqFz4c#1425477764_wmqFz4c
(Kam’s photos are still going here–http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Family/Kamran/16237032_y3GA4#1219759764_CqUXn–I have added some from this weekend as well.)

I decided to stick Kamran’s feet in the baby pool at our friend’s house. He HAAAATED it. Child only likes warm water. I also don’t think he likes blondes much. Kristin, a blonde family friend always ends up with a screaming baby on her hands when she holds Kamran. He did the same to Jeane’, another blondie, this weekend. We shall see how my theory pans out as he meets more of my lighter haired friends.

The doctor did say that we can start feeding Kamran solids whenever we are ready. I both can and can’t wait for solids. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to new flavors, texture and of course, eating from a spoon. I CAN wait for any tummy upset solids may cause. Hopefully it won’t be a problem for him. A friend of ours is lending her baby cook to us. I can’t wait to start making the boy food. No making fun of me for not just going straight to gerber or the pre-made food. The control freak in me has to at least TRY making baby food. I did get some good advice from a friend before I start making his food–buy a few jars to see what he likes before cooking up a whole slew of it. Of course, it will be a good while before we introduce baby food. I will probably start him on rice cereal this Friday to see how he does. I want to wait until he is at least 4 months adjusted before making the jump.

I can’t believe he is getting so big so fast. Just looking at Kamran in his swing or bouncy seat., the car seat or the tub makes me realize how much he has grown.

Car Seat on the ride home at 5 weeks: http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Family/Kamran/16237032_y3GA4#1257117458_PK7nPrt

Car Seat now at 20 weeks (ignore the fact that I didn’t button his clothes back up–kid was sweaty): http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Family/Kamran/16237032_y3GA4#1425488395_LRTfz4b



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  1. Making your own baby food is not really all that much trouble, I do it for my daughter who is 5 1/2 months now. She has never tasted store-bought baby food.

    I cook whatever vegetable or fruit I’m making for her in a little water till it’s tender, then let it cool completely, before putting it in the blender. At first, I would then put it through a strainer before pouring it into ice cube trays to freeze, but she’s been eating solids for long enough now that I have stopped straining it. Oh, I don’t cook or freeze banana- I mash it up fresh. And with fruit that tends to turn brown (apples, peaches, pears) I squeeze in a dribble of lemon juice, otherwise it will discolor in the freezer over time.

    So far we’ve been eating carrots, sweet potatoes, english peas, green beans, yellow squash, peaches, blueberries, applesauce, pear sauce, and bananas, all home made. I usually have a baby-food-making session on a weekend and make up several batches, and then I don’t have to worry about anything until my stockpiles run low. With the fruit, I typically mix in some organic whole-grain baby oatmeal to thicken it up a bit.

    I liked the book “The Baby Food Bible” although I would suggest getting a copy from your local library as I wouldn’t have wanted to pay the cover price for it. It does give you a good idea of which foods are appropriate for what aged baby.

    • I need a baby food bible. I did start making his food and so far we both really like it!

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