Week 22: Sookie’s New Tricks

August 19, 2011 at 2:28 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

So Kam is a ball. He is doing well, laughing, singing, cooing, rolling over, not sleeping through the night. You know, awesome baby things. He’s a pretty lazy roller I put him on his tummy in the crib in the morning, he watches his soother as he pushes up on his arms then he lays his head to the side, still on his tummy and finishes watching the soother. It cracks me up, once the soother turns off, then and only then will he roll to his back. Daycare informed Kayvan last Friday that Kam had rolled back to belly. I freaked. We have still been swaddling and needed to know this information so we don’t swaddle anymore. I also want to know about all milestones when they happen. It’s bad enough when I’m not there to see them. Kam also likes sleeping on his side now. It’s so stinking cute.

Anyway, let’s talk about my other baby, Sookie. Sookie is good with Kamran. She has learned not to lick but that rule in her mind does not apply to other children. Other giggly little babies are fair game. Sook stayed with our friends and their twins while I was in the hospital. This is something we are forever grateful for. Sookie grew from a puppy to a full fledged dog under their care. She turned the big “1” with them. Sook also learned a lot of new things like people food and how babies are people food dispensers. Sookie sits under Kam’s chair when I feed him just waiting for me to drop something. Sook now barks at the door. When we left her before, we would get a frenchie scream on occasion and it was cute. Now she barks incessantly when we get home and it makes me want to hurt her. It’s so loud. I never would of course. Methinks it was a contest with their pug. Sookie also gets into sparring matches with the vacuum and broom. It’s hysterical. Of course, this is a habit I want to break so I’m not allowed to giggle when she bites my cleaning utensils. Sookie also loooooves ice cubes. Whenever I open the freezer, girl is at my side for a “treat.”

The Royston’s have taught our girl so much and I’m so grateful for the comedy!!!

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