Furlough (Furcation) Day 1

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I didn’t know the definition of the word furlough when I first entered the work force. I’m not sure how I escaped SAT prep or college without that piece of knowledge. My first job out of college was for a newspaper company so I learned the definition. I still work for the same company, though I have changed roles a few times so I’m furloughed this week. Furlough is mandatory unpaid leave for those of you who have heard the word but never needed to look it up, much like I experienced.

This makes me a temporary stay at home mommy for the week! I know, I know. One week is hardly a taste of what it is like to be a stay at home mom but I’m really looking forward to spending quality time with my little man.

On my first day of furlough two amazing things happened. Kamran slept in…and my alarm didn’t go off. Now if that happened on any ordinary Monday in our house I would be a horrible, rushed, grumpy mess. Today, I was well rested and happy. In fairness, Kamran did wake at 4 am but that’s still semi-normal in this house so it’s no big.

The plan for day 1 was for Kamran to go to daycare so I could catch up on the housework I can’t do easily with him at home. I’m way behind on anything cleaning, organization or home related. I still dont’ feel like I’ll ever catch up from being away for 3 months while I was in the hospital. I can only imagine what good it would have done my house by having the ability to “nest.”

Back to the daycare thing. Kamran only spent 2 days at daycare last week so I want to make sure he doesn’t forget what it’s like. Besides, I still have to pay whether he goes or not. So go he did. Though I took him in late and Kayvan brought him home early. Of course, I had planned for Kayvan to drop Kamran off at daycare per usual so I could just clean. Since Kam slept that didn’t happen. I also didn’t stick to the rest of my plan. The grocery store is across the street from daycare so I made a grocery run. As I was leaving the grocery store I made a last second right turn into Target (with its evil red eye) and bought a new steam mop. I was planning to clean today after all. The thing is AWESOME. However, this is a week of unpaid leave so I hang my head in shame. I guess after spending 6 years together Kayvan’s impulsive ways are rubbing off on me just a bit. But did I mention the steam mop is AWESOME?! I vow to clean my hardwood floors once a week. We all know that vow will quickly be forgotten, right.

So I started the first furlough day off financially in the hole but my floors are clean, so is the top floor of my house. Kamran’s clothes that are too small have been sorted, folded and put away as well. Organizing things tends to be a time sink for me so perhaps I’ll clean tomorrow during nap time.

Kayvan got home early with Kamran. We grilled sausage, zucchini and corn. Kamran didn’t touch the zucchini but ate close to an entire ear of corn. Our neighbor stopped by for a few minutes to chat afterward so I let Kamran finish drinking his milk on the floor and out of his highchair, something I normally don’t do. That’s when another really awesome thing happened. Kamran decided to walk. Like really walk! Not 3 steps and sitting in a very controlled manner. He took 8 whole steps. Then he realized what he was doing and decided it was a really bad idea–because, you know. He wants to be carried for the rest of his life.

Keep your eyes peeled for tonights incredibly exciting update about Furlough Day 2. Kamran visits the cardiologist (hoping for good news) then my step sister, Nikki.


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  1. YAY walking Kam! Or maybe… uh-oh? 🙂 Hope you’re still enjoying this week!

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