Cooking for Kam: Solving for Slimy Finger Food

May 8, 2012 at 12:00 PM | Posted in Baby Food | 3 Comments
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Wheat Germ is my favorite secret mommy ingredient. It is packed full of nutrients and easy to hide in most food (like the veggie nuggets I’ll share later in the week). Another use I have found for wheat germ is that it can be used to make slimy food a little less slimy…and a lot easier for little fingers to grab.

Kamran loves butternut squash and it was no problem to feed to him as a purée. When we switched to finger food he got really frustrated chasing it around his tray. So I would cook, cube then coat in wheat germ–problem solved. I typically put the food into a bowl, sprinkle wheat germ on and shake it around until well coated. No cooking required.

Last night Kamran had avocado as part of his meal. Yet another slimy finger food made less slimy thanks to wheat germ.




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  1. cool. i will be checking it out once my baby actually starts eating foods! I bought a baby food maker kit thingie 🙂 by the way. love the camera! i need one!

  2. She is still itty bitty and will get to the solids thing on her own time! I was lucky to be able to borrow a baby food maker but just caved and bought a food processor. I LOVE it! As for the camera–I took this with my iPhone!

  3. I am in no rush for her on foods, I was just meaning I will try when its time 🙂 and mine doesnt look like that:) guess I need the “touch”

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