Spit Up vs. Vomit

February 11, 2012 at 12:44 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 1 Comment
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At what point do you no longer call it spit up? Kamran will officially be 11 months next week. With reflux, I was told it gets better once they are sitting, eating solids, walking and/or crawling. Not my kid. I’m pretty sure Kamran spit up his entire bottle last night. At one point, he was pushing his little walking toy, spit up, and kept going.

I hate it. Sookie, that gross girl still loves her predigested dessert (it’s okay to gag, I just did thinking about it). I even had to change my clothes before I went to bed last night because I had so much spit up on me. I stunk! Not to mention, Kamran spit up on our bed so I had to change the sheets.

The amount of spit up at one time is insane too! His stomach is bigger, therefore he spits up more than when he was an itty bitty.

Okay, really I’m ranting. He is probably teething. When he starts walking I get to call it puke. Fair?


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