2011: A Year in Review

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Our year in review is pretty simple for 2011.  Looking back, we only had one big, exciting focus this year.  This is of course in comparison to years past which were filled with trips, evenings out and new hobbies.  If our focuses hadn’t shifted I might be a little worried.  Here is how 2011 looks in text:

January – March:  Hospital life which consisted of video games for Kayvan and lots of hat making for me.  Kamran was born 3/15 and spent a month in the NICU.

April:  Kamran came home from the NICU 4/17, 2 days before his due date.

May:  We enjoyed our little boy and all of the sleepless nights he brought us courtesy of reflux.

June:  Kamran’s first surgery (and hopefully last).

July:  Jamie went back to work.

August – December:  These last few months flew by and were filled with Kamran’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think the visual year in is much more fun.  HATS!  I made Kamran a hat a month.  Some fit themes, some were just cute.  We will kick it off with March in a hat I did not make but considering this is the first time Kamran got to wear clothes, it’s pretty special to me.  He has grown so much!

Kayvan, Kamran and I hope you all have an amazing New Year!  Party safe tonight.


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