My C-section…While I Still Remember

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I documented Kamran’s birthday in a rather quick manner and want to share the details of my c-section before I forget all of the minute details.  Now, if you are an expecting mother or have an incredibly weak stomach you might want to skip this post.  I was the pregnant chick who wanted to know the step by step of the real c-section.  I didn’t want to hear “It’s not that bad” unless it really wasn’t that bad.  I can see myself saying that a year from now once the memory has faded.  Before I get to that point I share with you. Continue Reading My C-section…While I Still Remember…


Day 51: Good Day…but

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Today was a good day. The morning started off slowly. I didn’t want to get up since I had a hard tome getting to sleep last night. Hubby got up, ate and left to work on the nursery with his friend Chris. When I did wake, we passed the non stress test with flying colors and I made a new hat. My L&D nurse who is also admitted is being induced Monday so I called and asked her to come by. I made a hat for her little girl and wanted to give it to her she talked with me for a bit then headed back to her bed. Momma-in-law came by with dinner for the next few days, then Continue Reading Day 51: Good Day…but…


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At the end of November we shared an e-mail with family and friends that we are expecting a bundle of joy in April.  Of course, since I was more than five months pregnant at the time most of you already knew about the pregnancy and we were simply sharing the gender of our little one with you all.  In case you missed that e-mail, check it out below:

Hi everyone, IT’S A BOY!!!

By now most of you have heard the exciting news that Kayvan and I are expecting a little bundle of joy in April. We know the gender and now that you all know that, we’ve gotten tons of Continue Reading UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!…

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