Cooking for Kam: Baby Food Storage

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I remember when I first started making baby food for Kamran. I was at a loss for how to store the stuff. I knew I was going to freeze it, but how–in what containers? There were a few different options and they all seemed good. At first I thought it would be best to buy a ton of containers with lids, make the food, portion into containers and both freeze and eat from them. That was just plain expensive in my book. I also had a hard time finding good reviews on those containers.

We ultimately decided to make the food, portion out into covered freezer trays and once frozen move to freezer bags complete with food label and date. This way, we just grabbed a few cubes of food we needed, put them into baby Tupperware, defrosted and off we went!

If you are trying to decide on which freezer tray to go with, I HIGHLY recommend the Mumi & Bubi Solids Starter Kit. Sure, in comparison to the other freezer tray options, this one is expensive. If you use the same food storage method we opted for, these are the only freezer trays you will need! They hold a ton of food. We could make 3, sometimes more different types of fruit or veggie purees at once and they would all fit within the 2 trays.

To be fair, we only tried one other type of freezer tray. A friend lent us the kidco trays and I didn’t like them quite as much. The food is a ton harder to get out of the kidco trays, in my opinion and though cheaper, it holds much less food. You will notice in the Amazon reviews that some people try to crack the Mumi & Bubi trays like you would an ice cube tray then say they are no good. Good luck, you’re right. It won’t work…because they are made for you to push down on one end of the food so it slides out the other end.

We don’t use freezer trays as much anymore because Kamran can eat typical, whole foods. Now we just cook and store directly in freezer bags.


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