Day 64: Who the Hell is Dr. Red?

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We have learned many things during our stay in the hospital.  How to live with each other in one room for months.  Which, surprisingly has been easy for us.  How to get a decent night of sleep with interruptions every 4 hours, and how to get around eating hospital food (thank god for awesome cooks in the family).  In my old room we could hear  when emergencies were coming into the ER.  They announce “Code [blue/yellow] ETA [xx minutes] by [ground/air].  On New Year’s Eve we estimated lots of codes over the loudspeaker but we were surprisingly wrong.  We figured out that code blue is in really bad shape and lots of them come via air (I’m sure my friend who works in the ER here would describe it differently), and code yellow isn’t doing so hot either but isn’t as bad as code blue.  Sometimes code yellow’s are upgraded to code blue and that is no good.  One thing we could NOT figure out was this whole Dr. Red thing.  And those announcements are always very very loud.  Sometimes at 4 a.m., waking us up. Continue Reading Day 64: Who the Hell is Dr. Red?…


Day 47: 30 Weeks!

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We have made it yet another week and it seems I have gotten better at speaking up for myself while in here.  Add that to the list of positive things about this hospital stay…personal growth.  First, my complaints to the food service folks, which I’m still convinced is a waste of hot air.  For example, yesterday I ordered 2 rice krispie cereal for breakfast and got 2 rice krispie treats.  I have also putting up with doors that slam every 30 – 60 seconds from about 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.  I mentioned the problem a few days ago and my nurse put a sign on the linen closet (which I’m across from).  Well, this morning it was SO bad that I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The sign on the door is doing no good so I complained to the nurse again and the nurse aide was there as well.  The doors miraculously Continue Reading Day 47: 30 Weeks!…

Day 41: About Those Nurses Again…

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Yesterday as I was eating my way out of this hospital room I got a knock on my door.  I was totally noshing on tortillas and cheese after nothing healthy would fix my insatiable hunger.  The person who opened the door looked so baffled, was also pregnant and looked just plain lost.  So with a smile I asked her if she was looking for my room number.  She said yes, looked around my room and realized once she saw the Christmas tree we still have up that she had the right person.  As soon as she opened her mouth and started talking I realized that the woman at my door was a nurse of mine from Labor and Delivery!  I was so surprised to see her and was even more surprised that she remembered me between all of her patients.  I felt bad that I didn’t recognize her but keep in mind I had horrible double/blurred vision the entire time I was in L&D and was totally out of it.  Continue Reading Day 41: About Those Nurses Again……

Day 14: We Made it Two Weeks in the Hospital!

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Looks like we are plugging right along. I talked to one of the residents this morning who congratulated us on making it two weeks.  She says that most people in our shoes don’t make it much past one up here.  That was really encouraging to hear, so YAY for two weeks!!!  Guess I am keeping with my overachieving ways after all.  I also asked her if I can take a wheelchair ride to the NICU when Kayvan goes for a tour this week and if I can participate in the weekly social hours here–which are basically classes.  I can’t yet.  Boo.  I have to make it to 28 weeks first.  Another reason my next milestone can’t get here fast enough!

I think the prednisone is keeping me up at night because falling asleep was such a chore last night.  I finished my book, stared at the walls wide-eyed for a bit and then turned the lights off and could not fall Continue Reading Day 14: We Made it Two Weeks in the Hospital!…

Day 13: Nurses Rock

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Nurses rock.  They really do.  These people are here to help you in some of your worst moments and in my experience are always kind as they do.  Now, I’m pretty nice to my nurses–or so I think.  But some of the nurses have mentioned that not everyone so pleasant to them and that really throws me for a loop.  I mean, these ladies are here to take care of you and your unborn child.  They check in on you every few hours and if no vitals or medication is scheduled they pop in to see if you want water, or juice, or a Popsicle.  Oh and you can’t get out of bed because you are on BED REST!  My husband is here with me and I know that isn’t the case with every woman on this floor so why on earth would you be even slightly mean to the only person who is taking care of you?!  The nurses are the ones who chase your ever so busy doctor around when you have a rash, for example, and make sure thye fix the problem or find someone who will.  Just so you feel better.  They bring you your meds on time, and Continue Reading Day 13: Nurses Rock…

Day 9: Happy New Year!!!

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Kayvan and I have noticed that the days we are in here really do fly by.  I have also gotten used to the wacky sleep schedule the nurses have me on due to vital checks.  They wake me at 12 a.m., 4 a.m and 8 a.m.  Now, if you did that to me at home you would be putting yourself at risk for serious injury.  I guess they are just prepping me for the kid and the potentially hazardous sleep schedule he will have me on.  I say me because Kayvan sleeps through it ALL.  Every nurse check, visit from the doctor, breakfast arrival, you name it. I’m not too worried though.  Once we get home he won’t be able to sleep through me, half asleep whacking him in the Continue Reading Day 9: Happy New Year!!!…

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