We Love Eating Farm Fresh Food!

July 6, 2013 at 10:02 AM | Posted in CSA | 5 Comments
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This week marks week 5 of our first year using a CSA. I was worried at first because the first box was somewhat small. I loved it then though and am an even bigger fan now.

The way our CSA works is we have a box delivered to our door and each week we have bonuses we can go out to pick at the farm. Now that I am home, this is such a neat activity for me and the little guy to share.

I have a few friends who are also CSA members at our farm as well. It is nice to be able to join them for a day at the farm to pick and play.

Yesterday we went out with my bestie, Millie. This week we got to pick peas, black raspberries (I have never seen those in store!) and blueberries. We also had cucumbers, summer squash, garlic scrapes, peas, blueberries and beets delivered. We have SO MUCH fresh food in our house now!

I find that the food delivered each week shapes our menu. It actually makes meal planning easier for me. We are also discovering new staple recipes for our home…like Swiss Chard Lasagna.

Here are some photos for you. ┬áBreakfast, ingredients for our pot luck pasta salad and┬ádespite the fact that I’m not feeling well and look less than my best, photos of our farm day!


Check out breakfast from this morning. Blueberry pancakes with blackberries on the side. All of the berries were freshly picked yesterday and pesticide free.


We are headed to a neighborhood cookout today with pasta salad in tow. Everything you see here, with the exception of the tomatoes, came from the farm. Of course, I still need to add pasta, a few fresh herbs and dressing for it to be complete.


Family photo on the tractor to pick peas. Cool dude wouldn’t smile in his orange sunglasses.


Me and Millie. I love that she always comes to hang out with our family.


Kam pretty much insists on being worn at the fam. Blueberry picking in the Tula.


Love these two! He adores “Aunt Meee.”



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