World Prematurity Awareness Day

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November is Prematurity Awareness month, the 17th specifically is World Prematurity awareness day.

Reading so many stories of preemies has brought forth a lot of emotion for me today. Before I turn this blog into something deep, I share with you one way in which I raised awareness today. Below is a snippet of conversation with a coworker. I won’t generalize and mention her hair color, but it certainly doesn’t match mine. We often write quotes like the one I share below on our board and tease her when necessary.

Me: You’re wearing purple, happy prematurity awareness day!

K: Right, because I’m so mature.

Me: (giggle–then I realize she wasn’t making a joke) Wait, you do know what prematurity awareness means, right?

She didn’t. Of course I filled her in–then wrote this conversation on our white board.

This day obviously held much deeper meaning for me than for my coworker.

I spent some time when I woke up today and this evening after work reading the preemie (I will abbreviate) Awareness Day Facebook page. Mostly happy stories were shared and occasionally sad. Whenever I see stories of 20 something weekers, I always well up. If there is one thing this whole experience taught me, it is that you truly cannot understand the depth of some things without experiencing them firsthand.

I am lucky to be able to say that I didn’t have a 23 week preemie. Last December, doctors thought I would. When my water broke at 23 weeks 2 days I was told I HAD to make it to 24 weeks to give Kamran the chance to survive. I was also told that there was a very high likelihood of delivering within 72 hours. Further, if he were to be born at 24 weeks and survive, he would face serious challenges. This information changed me forever. It rocks you. Hearing it makes you numb–lost in a dark abyss. On the shallow end, the perfect pregnancy you were expecting is suddenly out the door. Forget all of those cute pregnancy clothes you invested in, they will just sit in your closet and taunt you when you are fresh out of the hospital and no longer pregnant. On the deeper end, visions of meeting your perfectly pink and chubby baby for the first time fade into the fear that you may not actually meet your baby at all. From there the thoughts just spiral, can my marriage handle this, I’ve failed my baby and my husband…all among the medication, doctors, nurses, blood tests and the barrage of stimulation that is hospital life.

Being in labor at 23 weeks is so many things. Number 1, it is scary. More scary than I imagine normal full term labor to be. At 23 weeks, you aren’t supposed to be there. You have no control over the situation you are in and are entirely at the mercy of medical professionals to save your baby’s life and keep you safe in the process. I can’t even accurately paint the picture of emotions I went through last December. But I was scared.

Knowing what we went through and NOT having a 24 weeker, I cannot begin to imagine how much more scary it would have been to actually have had Kamran at 24 weeks. To those parents who have realized those fears, I tip my (crochet) hat.

Knowing just how lucky we got off, most days I feel silly calling Kamran a preemie. He was born at 35 weeks. He was practically term! It pales in comparison to what could have been but thankfully was not. However, we spent 33 days in the NICU. Kamran had his own set of challenges and he certainly was a preemie regardless. I am thankful that I did not have to realize the fear of being mom to a 24 week preterm baby and am oh so happy for my happy healthy 8 month old boy born only 5 weeks early.

Kamran’s First Halloween

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What was Kamran for Halloween? —–A little blue monster!!

What was Sookie for Halloween? —–A hippo ballerina.

The Friday before Halloween Kamran had a parade at school. I took off of work early, skipped our work Halloween party, met up with Kayvan and watched all of the little bits at daycare parade around in their costumes. So stinkin cute!! Kamran just sat in the big red 6 child stroller straight faced observing all of the crazy people in the school parking lot. We had a ball dressing him up and seeing all of his friends.

Halloween was on a Monday this year so I got home a little early, dressed both of the babies up and we all went for a walk before the sun went down. All of the kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVED Sookie and her costume. Then we knocked on our neighbor’s door to wish them a happy Halloween. We ended up sharing our 8 x 8 plot of a front “lawn” while the adult boys drank a beer and passed out candy and the girls talked about crocheting. Eventually Kamran needed to eat so I headed in early. Kayvan made sure to come in before we ran out of candy so we could have a little for ourselves! It was a really fun night and I’m glad we got to unexpectedly hang out with our friends for a little while.

Fall Festivities

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I have become an infrequent blogger. Our family has been enjoying all things fall and fall festivities. To quickly sum up the past few weeks, a few weeks ago we trekked out to the Maryland Renassance Festival, followed by the pumpkin patch with friends the next day. The weekend after that we had a pumpkin carving party and the baby shower for a good friend. This past weekend we enjoyed some down time at home and met some friends for food to celebrate their run in the Marine Corps Marathon.

Whirlwind tour but a ball none the less. I actually wrote a blog about all of this but my phone hated me and decided to delete it all.

Kamran LOVED the Renaissance Festival. He rode around in his snuggli complete with pumpkin hat and got all of the attention a little guy could hope for. We should have turned it into a drinking game. “Take a drink every time you hear someone reference Kam’s pumpkin hat.” I should have gotten ahead of the pumpkin hats because they got more compliments than any hat I have made to date. When we got there, the little guy cooed, and ooohed more than I’ve ever heard I’m sure the 2 hour nap in the car seat on the ride there put him in a brilliant mood. I’m so glad car rides are no longer a scream fest!

I was personally SO excited about our trip to the pumpkin patch. I love everything fall and could not wait to take pictures of our little guy on haystacks with pumpkins. We met up with Kayvan’s co-workers and their 9 month old, Jackson and photograph we did! I made Jackson a hat to match Kamran’s and they looked like two adorable little pumpkins. Kamran got to see a momma cow and learned about how the farmers milk her. Momma friends, be jealous. A momma cow can pump a gallon of milk in 5 minutes!!! Bet you want that pump! Kamran also got to see the baby cows and watched them eat the milk that was just pumped. Then we met a big ole piggie and man did she STINK! Of course the adults got their fill of kettle corn (my favorite), apple cider and dominion root beer. Yummy! On our way out we took pumpkin pictures and picked out 3 baby pumpkins to take home. I still have to go through those photos but here is a cute picture of the boys talking.

The following weekend we went to a baby palooza pumpkin party at a friend’s house. Kamran met a new pint sized friend while we were there and hung out with his old bud Jackson. We carved a witch pumpkin and ate some fantastic food. Here is a picture of our pumpkin all lit up!

For Terri’s baby shower to celebrate the anticipated arrival of baby Autumn, we had another long drive and baby boy was a champ! He slept the entire way! It was great to see Terri and she seemed to enjoy meeting Kamran for the first time. Autumn is due a few days after Christmas so I made her a hat to fit the season!

This past weekend was a much needed low key weekend. We cleaned up the house, had dinner with NICU friends on Saturday and met with Millie and Linda to celebrate their marathon run on Sunday. To be able to run such a distance is admirable and I’m so proud of my friends!

On the developmental front, I’m so proud of my boy. He sits unassisted now, waves hi, but only to daddy, holds his own bottle, scoots, spins, twists, turns and rocks on his knees and has established a favorite stuffed animal–his giraffe. He is getting pretty mobile. Also something I am incredibly proud of is that Kamran is starting to sign back to us. We started sigining to him when we started on rice cereal at 5 months. Now he has started signing “milk”! I walk into his room in the morning, he smiles and once his eyes have adjusted to the light he will sign “milk” to me. He also just got his 3rd tooth, it is on the bottom left and is still working on the tooth on his top right.

Day of Doctor Visits

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With a new age comes new appointments. The phrase “call me crazy” applies here. I must be a crazy person to schedule 2 appointments in a row at the end of September–a very busy work month for me. To put the icing on the cake, the serve engine light is on in my car–again. I think this is the 4th time my car has been in the shop since I got home.

Our morning started by dropping my car off at the shop at 9 am. From there we went to the hospital where appointment #1 was. It made no sense to go home. We pulled into the parking garage and Kayvan’s favorite attendant was working. He smiled a huge smile, put his hands together and bowed at us. Kayvan and I giggled. One nice dude that man is. He and Kayvan exchanged many “hellos” while I was in the hospital. We visited with our HRP family first since we had an hour before our appointment at the NICU follow along clinic.

All of the HRP gals oohed and aahed over cutie Kamran. Everyone commented on his huge cheeks and if course made the obligatory “he’s so cute, adorable, etc.” comments. He IS all of that. Kamran was, of course, a total ham. A little sleepy but that didn’t keep him from grinning at all of the ladies. Kayvan and I shared all of the hugs we possibly could, showed our boy of proudly and headed down to the testing center where we were told two of our doctors were for the day.

Dr. N came out to visit first. I’m pretty sure she didn’t remember me…or us for that matter. She was the doctor on call the day the “poo hit the fan” and I was transferred out of my old hospital and doctor’s care and into hers–in labor at 23 weeks. She is a very quiet, observant woman who can certainly remain calm under pressure. I mentioned that we would love to see Dr. A too if she was free. She was. I love Dr. A for her no BS and at times no filter ways. She peeked around the corner a bit apprehensive then shouted to everyone who could hear, “OH MY GOD, Jamie!!! Of course I remember them!!!” they both came back out and a med student tagged along as did one if my HRP nurse buds who is gonna be a momma herself soon! We chatted for a while, heard how cute Kam is and how great I look (thank you breastfeeding). Then Kayvan and I got out of there before they started charging us.

We stumbled around the hospital to find the follow along clinic, waited for a bit, fed the kid then moseyed on in for his 6 month assessment. The appointment was fun for Kam. Jill his OT from the NICU was on duty. First we started with Kam sitting in my lap and Jill across the table. To him it was just play time. There were 2 others in the room in addition to me and Kayvan. They checked things like does he recognize toys, how to get them, how he grabs them, what he does with them once he gets them (banging, dropping, pass hand to hand, etc.). Then we moved to the floor where they put him on his back to see what he would do. Then they added toys to the mix to see if he tried to get them and how. Kam is rolling very well both ways so they were happy about that. They also checked his abdominal strength and put him in the sitting position. Jan sat the longest he has ever sat unsupported. Jill said it won’t be long before he sirs unassisted.

The overall report is that Kamran is developing on track for his adjusted age. We got a few suggestions like stretch his thumbs (he keeps his right thumb tucked) and keep him away from tv.

Kam’s 6 mi appointment went well. I mentioned the rash he keeps getting after shots so we just did one vaccine for now and will go back for the other in 6 weeks. We talked about solid food and showed the dr what Kamran can so. He was very impressed with Kamran’s growth since august 7th. Put boy has gained 3 lbs!!! 17 inch head circumference, 25.1/4 inch length and 16 lbs 5 oz weight. That is 30th, 10th and 25th percentiles respectively. Kamran is the size of an average baby his age!!!

Our boy is doing so well!!

6 Month Update

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Kamran turned 6 months old this past week. Everyone told us when we were struggling with our teeny baby that it would get easier. It has. We still don’t sleep through the night but we have gotten pretty used to that. If there were spectators in my house for the 3 am wake ups I’m sure they would say I resemble a zombie when I get out of bed. With Fall well on its way it is SO hard to get out of bed and feed the baby. But I do and Kayvan steps in when I need him to. Gone are the days of me laying next to Kamran’s bed crying, “I just don’t know what to do!” because I could not put the child down without him screaming bloody murder. Yes–both of those really happened.

Despite being a preemie, Kam seems to be hitting his milestones or somewhat close to it. He has certainly found his voice and will often yell from his crib. He seems louder every day. We’ve gone from what used to be sweet, quiet, song-like coos to an all out blabber mouth (more like momma). I love his little voice. He is still trying hard to get his feet. He grabs them but isn’t bendy enough to get them in the mouth. If you sit him up he immediately leans forward, mouth agape for the toes. He can keep his balance for a good few seconds before he flops over.

He is growing tons these days. Kam was only in 3-6 month clothes for a few WEEKS and is now really filling out 6 month clothes. We got a hand me down exersaucer last week and Kamran was on his toes on the lowest setting when we sat him in it for the first time. They have to be flat footed in the exersaucer so of course, I took him out. I put him in tonight and his feet were flat and legs bent. Kayvan and I were SHOCKED. No wonder he has been a cranky butt the past few weeks. Boy is a weed!

Here are a few photos that really sum up just how far Kam has come.

Kamran's first time in real clothes. Off the bili lights and no more picc line!

Kamran at 6 months being all sorts of bouncy next to the preemie outfit in the above photo. Yes, that really fit him once upon a time.

Week 25: Bouncy Baby

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So this week Kam has his new arm thing he does. He has been kicking the feet around for a while but now the arms have joined in the fun. He will lay on the play mat, kick his feet, flail his arms, coo and squeal. It’s so fun.

He will also pat his hands on his leg if you have a toy he is excited about. This boy loves his toys now and it makes car rides much more bearable since he is now willing and able to entertain himself. Often, we find Kam double fisting with toys. He’s totally an only child. 😉

Lately, the boy is very interested in Sookie dog. He just watches her, mouth agape and will at times smile at her antics. It’s my hope that he wants to start chasing her soon. A few weeks ago he rolled and put his little hand in her mouth. Eek!! I immediately washed it off but Sookie found it fair to lick his feet to death after that. She’s so good with him and knows the rules, but let’s face it, she’s a bulldog.

This week we tried sweet potatoes and Kamran liked them. I’m not sure if it’s the food or the spoon but this child is a pro. He opens his little mouth wide for us and eats so well. But man, if you’re going to feed him, you better be able to shovel fast.

So two nights ago Kamran gave us a run for our money, he was up five…yes five times. At this age I thought it was teething but since he is almost 6 months, it could have been a growth spurt. It’s so hard to tell. It could have been both. Sorry this blog is all over the place. I’m pooped and going to bed!!

Week 24: Breastfeeding (and Other Food Stuff)

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If you’re one of my mom friends, the title of this post probably didn’t phase you. You were likely intrigued about which aspect of breastfeeding I might discuss. I’ll spare the details for those of you who are not my mom friends–possibly even poke fun at you.

I have mentioned before that Kamran is a breastfed baby. I decided when I was pregnant that I would at least try nursing. The benefits are endless. In addition to all of the things that make breastfeeding good for Kam’s health, it’s good for my weight loss, and it’s cheaper than formula. It’s pretty much forced on you when you have a preemie. I anticipated the pressure from medical professionals. On my end it was ok.

I built up one hell of a supply of breast milk when Kam was in the NICU. I surprisingly still have it and have been able to keep up with Kam’s needs by pumping at work. We even had to go buy a deep freezer.

When the meteorologists started talking that hurricane Irene might hit the northeast, I panicked. When Isabel came through in 2003 we lost power for 3 days! Something like that would for sure destroy my stash.

I was on the phone with my dad talking about the storm and I mentioned that I was worried about losing power. He started to talk about that would affect us since we have a baby. I responded with, “Kam will be fine, I’m just worried about my frozen breast milk defrosting.” He immediately said “Hey, gotta go.” I laughed to myself at him. My family is not a breastfeeding family in general. Most of the kids, myself included, were formula fed. That is absolutely fine but it amuses me that it is such a scary topic. At least I know how to clear a room should I need to. My dad is not the only one Weirded out by the mere mention of how I feed my child–just a recent example.

A while back Iwas not sure how long I would breastfeed for. I decided that I needed to set a goal for myself so I didn’t get disappointed in myself for having to stop. I decided that my goal would be to make it 6 months and anything beyond that would be great. Ultimately I decided to let Kam tell me when he wants to stop nursing. So far he doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. I’m good with that but look forward to the day I no longer have to pump.

We did start Kam on rice cereal about 3 weeks ago and this child loves it. He was a pro out of the gate. Good with the spoon, ate all of his food and was a neat eater so long as mommy was feeding him. Daddy was a messy feeder. It’s better now that Kayvan has gotten practice. Kam now gets frustrated if we don’t shovel food in fast enough and will open wide when he is ready for the next bite. He gets wide eyed and kicks his feet in excitement after each bite. We are so proud and will start him on baby food very soon. I can’t wait to see how he reacts!

19 Weeks: Getting Handsy

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This week has been all about hand discovery for Kamran. He learned to suck on his hands weeks ago so that is nothing new. He prefers his hands over the pacifier these days. This weekend he tried to suck his fingers instead of his knuckles and gagged himself. Poor kid. I warned him it would hurt and of course, he cried for a second. Being the good mom I am, I laughed.

You know how I mentioned the bath last week where Kamran learned he could grab the wash cloth and put it in his mouth. Yup, that’s his new favorite thing. Wash cloths, burp cloths, toys, my hands. You get the idea. We’ve entered the early stages of if I can grab it, it goes into my mouth phase of life. Kam usually has a burp cloth in his hands at all times these days. It’s kind of cute. When we get out of the tub he pulls the towel over his face and gets upset when I get him dressed and the towel goes away. Sorry kid.

In addition to grabbing things, hands are for staring at…and singing to. He looks like a mini American Idol contestant. Well, except for the fact that he only sings one note and one vowel. He sings “ooooo” as he lifts his right hand in the air and stares at it. The left hand isn’t cool enough to stare at yet. I wonder if that means he will be right handed. I’m a lefty so it would be fun to actually be able to teach Kamran to write instead of leaving it to Kayvan, the righty.

Perhaps the cutest thing Kamran has started doing is laughing. Real laughing. Not giggles, belly laughs. Every time he laughs his real laugh, Kayvan and I without a doubt laugh and it starts laugh wars between the 3 of us. I didn’t really realize Kam’s first laugh until this week. He did it on the 15th. Kayvan and I took him out to dinner. I had him in his car seat and put it down in the booth and he looked at me and just laughed. Kayvan didn’t really hear it but I asked Kamran what was so funny and he laughed a good 3 more times. It became a frequent occurrance this week and I love it. Kam is working on adding some new sounds as well. Little squeals have popped up here and there but not often. They are on their way!

Kam is getting better at sitting up. We still have to support him but he loves to sit up in our laps or in front of us. I was looking back at my baby photos and found one of me sitting unassisted at 5 months. It will be interesting to see where Kamran compares for a few reasons but mainly because he was born early. It will be like that for all of his developmental milestones I suppose.

Kamran and I took a short trip home this weekend to visit my family for my cousin’s baby shower. I have mentioned that Kam isn’t a fan of the car. We have done this trip 3 weekends in a row now. Last weekend Kayvan was with us but the previous he wasn’t. I have to say, of the 3 this trip was the easiest. Well, other than getting stuck at a stand still on 495 on a Saturday. Kam napped so well in the car and when he woke up was pretty quiet but due to eat so I stopped to feed him since he was due to eat. This child will not take a cold bottle and made it known. He SCREAMED his head off. So I nursed him for a few minutes, got back on the road and he was happy as a clam. Lesson learned. Don’t attempt giving Kamran a bottle that is slightly too cold or he will scream. Kamran was good on the way home too. He cried himself to sleep in the car (which I hate) and was silent until 5 minutes before we got home–then screamed the rest of the way. I think Kamran’s good behavior was his way of telling me that he liked the loaner I had for the weekend while my car was in the shop.

I haven’t stopped raving about this thing. Audi loaned me a Q5 for the weekend. They’re back ordered, you can’t even buy them yet. It was fully loaded and I swear the thing FLOATED. I sped a little too easily in it. I love the way Audis drive and this car handled even better than my A4. Kayvan and I agreed that we need a car you can feel the road in when you hit, say, 80 MPH. I won’t be buying a Q5 anytime soon. It is out of our price range for a vehicle, especially when we aren’t looking. Besides. We have a SUV now, and that is plenty big enough. My little sedan is easier to navigate the traffic laden roads with.

Kamran has his 4 month appointment next week. We can’t wait to see how much he has grown!

18 Weeks: Sleeping in the Crib

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We have a bonafied big boy on our hands! Not only is Kam sleeping through the night, he is doing it in his crib…in his own room! Thinking back to where we were 3 months ago when Kam came home from the NICU, I like where we are now better. I’m not one to wish life away but it is way more FUN to have a baby that sleeps through the night and interacts with you while awake…laughing, singing and cooing.

We tried transitioning Kam to the crib originally by taking him out of the newborn napper and just putting him on the crib wedge in the pack n play. Kam didn’t sleep well that way and the second night he rolled off the wedge scared the poo out of me so I put him back in the napper in the middle of the night. From there, Kayvan and I decided that rather than transition from the napper to the wedge in our room then move to his room, we throw the wedge away and would transition directly to flat in his crib in his room. All last week I said to Kayvan “we’re putting him in the crib Friday.” I said it a lot, mostly to prepare myself.

Friday night we went to dinner at the local Mexican joint because they are always fast. Well, Friday night they were slow and we didn’t even get to place our order until we had been there 30 minutes. I was pissed, kayvan wasn’t happy and Kamran got fussy. Before we knew it, it was well past Kam’s bedtime. When we got home, routine was pretty much out the window and the crib attempt was a mass fail. We vowed that we would stick to schedule and make the crib happen Saturday night. It worked! Kam slept in his crib and through the night…he even slept in until 8! I was up at 6, of course. We’ve been sailing smoothly since Saturday night.

One thing I have to get used to is how much Kam moves on the crib even swaddled. Walking to his room Monday I saw no baby and began to panic. He had scooted all the way down to the bottom corner of his crib and I couldn’t see past the door. He was indeed there, just hiding from momma.

Kamran turned 4 months old on Friday. I have a 4 month old. That is insane. This week he hasn’t needed the pacifier at bed time at all and sleeps all night without it. During the day he is all about munching on his fists and gets the pacifier at daycare. He is learning about texture and using his mouth to explore. Don’t get the washcloth too close to his face or he will suck on it. Tonight in the bath he was clumsy grabbing the washcloth from his chest and pulling it toward his mouth. Same for the towel. I’m sure it will soon be my bath-time battle.

This weekend we went to my dads and Kamran met a few family members for the first time. He met Aunt Vikki, my cousin Crystal and her son Dez. He also got to see his newlywed Uncle Bubba and Auntie Kelly!


17 Weeks: Daycare

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I went back to work two weeks ago and Kayvan has been taking care of Kamran since I went back. I’m so glad my men had time to bond. I don’t know how I didn’t realize that Kayvan didn’t have true, intense bonding time with Kamran. Kayvan had the first two weeks off of work but Kam was in the NICU and Kayvan’s time was spent schlepping me back and forth from the NICU…and dealing with my post-surgery pain and post-baby emotions. While home with Kamran, Kayvan learned that staying home with the baby is no easy task and to enjoy Kamran’s happy time because fussy time is sure to follow. Of course, I reminded Kayvan how much Kam has improved from the “no, you cannot put me down” days. He is a totally different baby since his hernia surgery.

Kayvan went back to work this Monday…yesterday, so that means Kam had to start daycare. I’m glad we were able to ease into the transition. Kamran would have been fine either way. But me, I needed to leave him with someone I trusted 135% before I could send him to daycare with people I don’t really know. I’m proud of us. I have yet to shed a tear. Kayvan is the drop off and pick up parent since daycare is at his work. I went on Monday to help carry things in and be there for this very important first. Kamran was in THE BEST mood Monday morning. He woke up with a smile, nursed at 6, went back to sleep, we woke him at 7:30 (man I hate to wake a sleeping baby) and got him to daycare. He smiled, kicked and laughed during every moment of our trip. Even in the car and he hates the car. Of course, clean diapers are for pooping in and Kam did that on our way to daycare. He got changed pretty much as soon as we got there and even that was full of smiles and laughs. Kayvan and I said our farewells for the day and watched the teacher put Kamran in the boppy for a bit. Again, all smiles. He made it so easy for me.

Today was a tad harder. We got access to the daycare cameras and can now check in on Kam during the day. Check in on him I did. I did not like that every stinking time I logged in Kamran was either eating or in the crib. We have asked that Kamran eat then play then sleep…in that order. A request that is not being fulfilled. We have also asked that he be placed upright for 30 minutes after each meal because of his reflux. Another request that is not being fulfilled. Of course, because Kayvan is the pick up/drop off parent, I have to send him to do my bidding. “Hunny, can you ask how tummy time went today and mention he is in the crib too much?” “Hunny, can you please write EAT/PLAY/SLEEP on the drop off form?” My poor husband. I’ll get used to it. It isn’t a huge deal I suppose but I have worked really hard to keep the bottle disassociated from sleeping and I don’t want them screwing all of that hard work up. I also don’t want Kam in the stinkin crib all day and I would rather he not spit all of his last meal up into his hair while laying on his back right after eating. I don’t typically like telling people how to do their job but this is one instance in which I will most certainly make exceptions. After all, I’m not telling them how to do their job, I’m telling them how to do MY job.

I also have some more fantastic news. Kamran is sleeping through the night!! My brother got married on July 3rd and the wedding took place about 2 hours from home. Kamran decided that Friday, July 1st would be a fantastic time to sleep through the night. Kayvan and I were thrilled. We worried that it wouldn’t last though since we wouldn’t be sleeping at home the next few nights. Nope, not a problem! He slept through the night Saturday and Sunday as well! Given that those were late nights for us, we were oh-so-happy about the timing. Monday night, we resumed the standard not sleeping through the night schedule. Actually, he woke every 3 hours. That was a total bummer since the week before we would only have to wake at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. It was partially my fault with the grand idea to transition him out of the napper and into the crib wedge in the pack n play. It’s too early for that and baby boy sure made that known. This past Friday, Kamran started sleeping through the night again. We are on night 4 of sleeping prince bliss and man, oh man is it awesome.

We had an impromptu visit to the doctor last week and Kamran is now weighing in at 12 lbs 5 ounces. I swear he has a pound in each cheek! Tomorrow is his post-surgery follow upa and I’m certain he will get the all clear. Something tells me the doctor will be taking his steri strips off. We were told they would fall off. It has been 4 weeks today and they haven’t fallen off yet. They’re getting pretty grimy and I think he can afford to lose them now.

We are still putting photo updates here:

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