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We recently joined a local farm CSA and I’m so excited the growing season is finally here! Our farm provides us with a weekly box of fresh, local fruits and vegetables. I think part of my excitement is the challenge of being creative with what we get. It’s a cooking challenge. A big one because while I like making toddler meals for our son, I wouldn’t label my cooking repertoire as broad.

Now that strawberries are in season our farm offers a “U Pick” bonus to CSA members. This week we got to pick a quart of strawberries as part of our share. Of course, we can also buy more! (I so did.) All weekend I had strawberry dreams rattling around in my head as I brainstormed what to make.

My Strawberry To-do list:
Strawberry Yogurt
Freeze for Later (smoothies!)
Strawberry Vanilla Bean Jam
Strawberry Tartlet
Strawberry Mojitos
Strawberry Pie (Kayvan’s request)
Strawberry Lemonade–I’ll make something up
Strawberry Sorbet

These aren’t exactly out of the box, unique recipes. Some of these may never happen but I’m at least going to try. The yogurt is cooking as I type! Tomorrow I’ll conquer the tart.





Yoga Pant Mondays

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When I worked on the office setting, Fridays were casual Fridays. You could wear jeans provided you still appeared to have still made an effort to dress professionally. Dress flats were encouraged instead of sneakers and no old T-shirts. You get the drill.

Now that I’m a work at home mom and my own boss, I think I may just institutionalize yoga pant Monday. I make every effort to get dressed in decent clothes now that I’m home. Mondays still are no fun though. We usually have no plans on Monday as well. So it’s fitting I think.

I wonder if it matters that Tuesday’s are swim lessons at the gym and Wednesday I occasionally catch a class at the gym. So I’m in yoga pants then too…

I never really understood the stay at home mom yoga pant stereotype when I worked in the office. Now that I work at home…I’m beginning to understand!

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