Kitchen Upgrades

April 28, 2012 at 1:58 AM | Posted in Our Home | 8 Comments
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Kayvan and I really enjoy working on our home.  We intentionally bought a house that was very plain and without upgrades so that we wouldn’t feel bad when we wanted to make changes–and so we could make improvements in an effort to gain equity.  Our remodel projects have been really small thus far.  The first project we tackled was our half bath in the basement, Kayvan built our fence when we got Sookie 2 years ago and this year we put on a deck.  We’ve been in our home almost 3 years and we are pretty happy with the slow progress we have made.  I have to share our newest home update.  Our Kitchen.

When we bought the house, we had nice hardwood floors, but crappy, laminate counter tops and standard white appliances.  Our dishwasher stunk and the refrigerator died the week I was admitted to the hospital so those were easy upgrade decisions.  We also installed a microwave above our stove which was a humongous counter space saver!  My favorite updates have come this year.  New counters and finally, a back splash.  The kitchen is ALMOST done.  Here is the progress thus far.  We will grout the tile tomorrow and eventually install pulls on the drawers and doors.  I LOVE it.  what do you think?

You will notice that we installed the back splash all the way down to the counters and opted for no granite on the back splash at all.  We really weren’t sure we were making the right decision regarding how the back splash would look at first.  Now that I can see it, I am happy we made the decision that we did.

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  1. Fantastic work! It’s beautiful!! I particularly like the sink and faucet. 🙂

    • Thank you!! Funny part…they “threw in the kitchen sink” when we got the counters. So that’s the only thing here we “didn’t pay for!” The counter installation was my favorite upgrade because we got the huge sink, cool faucet and insta hot!

  2. Really nice work! I love it!

  3. I can’t believe how much it’s changed!! I remember helping y’all paint your place.. and now this! I love it!

    • OMG I think I still owe you for that paint job. That green was a monster to paint!! I’m actually petrified because I need to do touch ups and I ran out of paint.

  4. very exciting! looks great.

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