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It’s been a while since I updated about what Kamran has learned to do. So here it goes.

At 10.5 months old:

Kam crawls really well. He can get anyone or anything so long as it doesn’t involve stairs. He also likes to carry toys in his hand as he crawls around.

He pulls up on any and everything. His crib, the baby gates…me.

He does not stand unassisted yet, but we are getting there.

He holds onto our fingers and walks really well, and cruises the furniture.

He says ma and da, still just for the sake of baby babble. He says “doh” for dog sometimes but only Kayvan or I would understand, we are pretty sure he’s working on red which is just “reh” and on occasion he will say “mo” when he signs more.

So for signing, he signs “fan,” “more,” “dog,” (for both the cat and dog) sometimes he confuses it with what looks like “please.” The other day he signed “light” and “all done.” He confuses “more” for a universal “I need something” at times. Sometimes it means “all done” which is confusing on the mommy front. We are working on “banana,” “kitty” and daycare is working on “thank you.” I’m also trying to show him the difference between “dog” and “please” as well as “more” and “all done” now that he has learned it. I honestly didn’t expect anyone in this house to take to signing so well and am proud of this boy and how far he has come.


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