Kamran Can…

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It’s been a while since I updated about what Kamran has learned to do. So here it goes.

At 10.5 months old:

Kam crawls really well. He can get anyone or anything so long as it doesn’t involve stairs. He also likes to carry toys in his hand as he crawls around.

He pulls up on any and everything. His crib, the baby gates…me.

He does not stand unassisted yet, but we are getting there.

He holds onto our fingers and walks really well, and cruises the furniture.

He says ma and da, still just for the sake of baby babble. He says “doh” for dog sometimes but only Kayvan or I would understand, we are pretty sure he’s working on red which is just “reh” and on occasion he will say “mo” when he signs more.

So for signing, he signs “fan,” “more,” “dog,” (for both the cat and dog) sometimes he confuses it with what looks like “please.” The other day he signed “light” and “all done.” He confuses “more” for a universal “I need something” at times. Sometimes it means “all done” which is confusing on the mommy front. We are working on “banana,” “kitty” and daycare is working on “thank you.” I’m also trying to show him the difference between “dog” and “please” as well as “more” and “all done” now that he has learned it. I honestly didn’t expect anyone in this house to take to signing so well and am proud of this boy and how far he has come.


Dads and Diapers

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Let me start this blog by saying that I have such an amazing husband who is the most hands on dad he could possibly be. For that I am incredibly thankful. I am also thankful for the hysterical diaper dad moments I have witnessed the past ten months. This mornings event made me laugh so hard I just had to share. I only wish I had a picture.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready in our master bath. Kayvan said he was going to change Kamran and I could hear Kayvan put him on our bed. The only way to ensure a scream free diaper change these days. Kayvan pointed out the fan to Kamran and the world sounded happy. Shortly after Kayvan started to change Kamran’s diaper I heard a bit of a commotion which meant one thing. Kamran had tried to roll over and Kayvan flipped him back to his back causing Kamran to scream. After a few “look fan!” and “do you want to play with this?!” comments from Kayvan I got a very urgent “I NEED HELP OUT HERE!!” from Kayvan. There was no thud. I knew they were both physically unharmed but quickly opened the bathroom door only to burst out in laughter at the scene in front of me.

Now let’s see if I can paint this picture with words…

Kayvan was holding Kamran up in the air almost like you would an infant in football hold. His hand was supporting Kamran’s chest and Kayvan was holding Kamran’s ankles as Kamran still attempted to crawl away mid air…poopy butt up.

As soon as I opened the door, prepared to rescue, Kayvan said “Just wipe the poop!” in a defeated tone. I could not stop laughing. I’m giggling now as I think back to this morning. Kayvan has had these moments before. Several of them. But he hasn’t had one in at least a few months.

This may only be funny to me, I’m aware that I take that risk with this post.

I love my boys!

It May be Time to Start Lying About My Age

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Yep, January 12th has come and gone again! I’m one year closer to 30 and am officially beginning to dread that number. I have friends who are over 30 and they seem to have survived okay but I’m not sure I can take it. So, if I tell you 5 years from now that I’m 29, just pretend I’m not fibbing. Besides, Kayvan will always be older than me!

Okay, onto the birthday wish! I my friends and family to walk with us in the March for babies on May 6th this year. if you can’t join us, a donation will make that absolutely forgivable.

Why is the March of Dimes so dear to me? To start, my grandmother had polio years and years ago. What many don’t know is that the March of Dimes was founded to cure polio. It was their research and trial vaccine that cured my grandmother and helped her regain the ability to walk. When I went into labor prematurely last year, magnesium stopped my labor and helped me stay pregnant. The knowledge that powered my high-risk prenatal care is courtesy of research done largely by March of Dimes. When Kamran was born at 35 weeks and was in the hospital, the March of Dimes was an invaluable support system for me, Kayvan and Kamran. We don’t really know why my water broke so early but the March of Dimes is researching early preterm labor and the answer to the questions surrounding that issue will help hundreds of thousands women who may one day be in a similar situation to the one I was in. On a larger scale, the March of Dimes and their research helps millions of babies daily and most don’t even know it.

So what do you say? Will you sign up to join us on May 6th? http://www.marchforbabies.org/jromaezi

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