I’m Shrinking

October 12, 2011 at 1:59 AM | Posted in Crochet | 2 Comments
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Today a co-worker stopped me in the cafeteria and asked, “Jamie, you had a baby, right?” I responded in the true braggy mom way, “Yup, in 4 days he will be 7 months.” I was SO ready to show him a picture of the kid. Then, I got the question I get at least once a week…and it was meant as an absolute compliment. “How is it possible that you are smaller now than you were before you got pregnant?”

To the other April mommies who still follow along with my story, (or anyone else for that matter) please do not hate me for this. I’m not entirely complaining…but I’m wasting away. I am still nursing and do my very best to eat my extra 500 calories daily. I’m ALWAYS starving. The part of nursing I find the most annoying is that I eat like a teenage boy going through a growth spurt. Today I finished a humongous lunch (fried chicken, corn, green beans and black beans) and was still hungry…yesterday too. I weigh over 10 lbs less than I was pre-pregnancy. Some of the weight difference I know is from nursing, the rest I know is due to the fact that I spent 12 weeks in the hospital, mostly inactive, laid up in a bed. A good portion of my muscle mass has atrophied and I’m sure we’ve all heard that muscle weighs more than fat. I’m a bit self conscious that I look sickly. I have always been on the small side but certainly haven’t been this small since high school…and that wasn’t just yesterday. My fear when I was pregnant was that I’d turn into a house and really struggle to lose the weight. That didn’t happen but I’m having a hard time with it just the same.

So how do I answer a male co-worker (who doesn’t read my blog, or at least I don’t think he does) who knows nothing of my hospital stay, hardly even knew I was pregnant to begin with and to whom I certainly don’t want to say, “I’m nursing”? “Mother Nature’s miracle, I suppose.” Then, I walk back to my desk entirely self conscious because, really…my clothes are way too big.

I don’t know where my weight will finally settle so I’m really not buying a lot in the way of clothes right now. It doesn’t make sense to. Kayvan absolutely insisted that I buy new jeans two weeks ago. I’m kind of thankful he did because I was starting to look like I should be sporting a pimp walk and boxers in addition to my low rider jeans. They were just so saggy everywhere. I’m looking forward to the time when I am comfortable enough with where my weight sits to start in on a new wardrobe.

Until I get to that point I can window shop. I often read through a blog that belongs to a Texas friend for fun fashion finds. No, not you, Kim. It’s Girls On The Style, a blog by Amanda Hail and her sister Rebekah. I’m not so great at clothes. But these gals love fashion so much they write about it. As a matter of fact, they included one of my hats in their blog last Friday. http://girlsonthestyle.com/fashion/15-for-20/.


Still Wielding the [Crochet] Needle

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It’s been eons since I’ve posted anything related to crochet. I AM still crocheting in my free time. What little free time I do have. I typically pick a fun project and work on it during long car rides because Kamran will FINALLY sleep in the car. If not in the car, I will work on a project if Kamran goes to bed early or if I’m staying up late on weekends.

I was cranking through baby hats for a while but lost the needle I use to sew all of the little bitty pieces on. This weekend I stopped by the craft to buy yet another needle I’m sure to lose. Kayvan took over bath time last night and I literally tied off loose ends and posted everything to the etsy store. One of my loyal fans tasked me with two new and fun projects. A puppy and a mom tattoo hat. The mom tattoo is my faaaaavorite.

Kamran is doing well. He had a cold last week but was such a trooper. He is sitting for longer periods on his own but is still not unassisted. He passes toys from hand to hand, lives solid food, which I love making for him and just started trying to pull his knees up under himself.

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