Week 25: Bouncy Baby

September 7, 2011 at 2:35 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | Leave a comment

So this week Kam has his new arm thing he does. He has been kicking the feet around for a while but now the arms have joined in the fun. He will lay on the play mat, kick his feet, flail his arms, coo and squeal. It’s so fun.

He will also pat his hands on his leg if you have a toy he is excited about. This boy loves his toys now and it makes car rides much more bearable since he is now willing and able to entertain himself. Often, we find Kam double fisting with toys. He’s totally an only child. 😉

Lately, the boy is very interested in Sookie dog. He just watches her, mouth agape and will at times smile at her antics. It’s my hope that he wants to start chasing her soon. A few weeks ago he rolled and put his little hand in her mouth. Eek!! I immediately washed it off but Sookie found it fair to lick his feet to death after that. She’s so good with him and knows the rules, but let’s face it, she’s a bulldog.

This week we tried sweet potatoes and Kamran liked them. I’m not sure if it’s the food or the spoon but this child is a pro. He opens his little mouth wide for us and eats so well. But man, if you’re going to feed him, you better be able to shovel fast.

So two nights ago Kamran gave us a run for our money, he was up five…yes five times. At this age I thought it was teething but since he is almost 6 months, it could have been a growth spurt. It’s so hard to tell. It could have been both. Sorry this blog is all over the place. I’m pooped and going to bed!!


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