Week 24: Breastfeeding (and Other Food Stuff)

September 1, 2011 at 1:33 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Uncategorized | 4 Comments

If you’re one of my mom friends, the title of this post probably didn’t phase you. You were likely intrigued about which aspect of breastfeeding I might discuss. I’ll spare the details for those of you who are not my mom friends–possibly even poke fun at you.

I have mentioned before that Kamran is a breastfed baby. I decided when I was pregnant that I would at least try nursing. The benefits are endless. In addition to all of the things that make breastfeeding good for Kam’s health, it’s good for my weight loss, and it’s cheaper than formula. It’s pretty much forced on you when you have a preemie. I anticipated the pressure from medical professionals. On my end it was ok.

I built up one hell of a supply of breast milk when Kam was in the NICU. I surprisingly still have it and have been able to keep up with Kam’s needs by pumping at work. We even had to go buy a deep freezer.

When the meteorologists started talking that hurricane Irene might hit the northeast, I panicked. When Isabel came through in 2003 we lost power for 3 days! Something like that would for sure destroy my stash.

I was on the phone with my dad talking about the storm and I mentioned that I was worried about losing power. He started to talk about that would affect us since we have a baby. I responded with, “Kam will be fine, I’m just worried about my frozen breast milk defrosting.” He immediately said “Hey, gotta go.” I laughed to myself at him. My family is not a breastfeeding family in general. Most of the kids, myself included, were formula fed. That is absolutely fine but it amuses me that it is such a scary topic. At least I know how to clear a room should I need to. My dad is not the only one Weirded out by the mere mention of how I feed my child–just a recent example.

A while back Iwas not sure how long I would breastfeed for. I decided that I needed to set a goal for myself so I didn’t get disappointed in myself for having to stop. I decided that my goal would be to make it 6 months and anything beyond that would be great. Ultimately I decided to let Kam tell me when he wants to stop nursing. So far he doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. I’m good with that but look forward to the day I no longer have to pump.

We did start Kam on rice cereal about 3 weeks ago and this child loves it. He was a pro out of the gate. Good with the spoon, ate all of his food and was a neat eater so long as mommy was feeding him. Daddy was a messy feeder. It’s better now that Kayvan has gotten practice. Kam now gets frustrated if we don’t shovel food in fast enough and will open wide when he is ready for the next bite. He gets wide eyed and kicks his feet in excitement after each bite. We are so proud and will start him on baby food very soon. I can’t wait to see how he reacts!



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  1. glad your supply is keeping up 🙂 i am praying this time I can BF. With Aiden I never had anything at all. Never even sore. good luck with the food!

    • It was no easy task with him in the NICU. I despised pumping. I’m hoping you can nurse this time around too.

  2. HI Jamie, so glad that you are still BFing. When I was pregnant I told myself I was going to BF for a full year then after having Luke and found out just how difficult it was at first, I took it day by day then week by week and then told myself if I can just make it 6 months I’ll be happy. Well Luke turns one on the 10th of October and still BFing. Of course it’s different for me since I stay home, but I will say that my supply has started to drop since Luke eats between 10-15oz of baby food 3 times a day a long with other finger foods and some snacks in between. In June, when Luke was only really eating like 4-7oz of baby total for the day I could easily pump 8oz of milk. This past weekend I had a girls night and only could pump 2oz with the suction on full blast (which really hurts like someone giving you a hickey on your nipples). I know it’s probably normal, but it’s just a sad reminder that my baby is growing up and one day won’t need to nurse anymore. Dave and I have decided that we (not sure why it’s a we but at least he’s supportive of it LOL) are going to try and BF until Luke self weans or turns 2years old. I never thought that I would want to BF that long; however, it is the only time Luke will sit still, I am however going to be talking with his DR about how to cut down on BFing so I can ease him on to milk and maybe not have to ever worry about pumping again when I have another girls night. at least until the next baby if we chose to have another. Anyway I didn’t mean for this to be so long I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you for continuing to BF after all I’m not sure I would still be BFing myself if I had to work full time like you do.

    Well GL and talk with you later,

    • Thanks! That means a lot. It’s always so helpful to have outside support since everyone has an opinion on how long is too long to nurse. I’ll leave it up to Kam–it’s certainly easier than warming a bottle at 2 am since he still isn’t sleeping through the night. It is getting harder to find time to pump at work but that’s life.

      Kudos to you for keeping at it as long as you have.

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