17 Weeks: Daycare

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I went back to work two weeks ago and Kayvan has been taking care of Kamran since I went back. I’m so glad my men had time to bond. I don’t know how I didn’t realize that Kayvan didn’t have true, intense bonding time with Kamran. Kayvan had the first two weeks off of work but Kam was in the NICU and Kayvan’s time was spent schlepping me back and forth from the NICU…and dealing with my post-surgery pain and post-baby emotions. While home with Kamran, Kayvan learned that staying home with the baby is no easy task and to enjoy Kamran’s happy time because fussy time is sure to follow. Of course, I reminded Kayvan how much Kam has improved from the “no, you cannot put me down” days. He is a totally different baby since his hernia surgery.

Kayvan went back to work this Monday…yesterday, so that means Kam had to start daycare. I’m glad we were able to ease into the transition. Kamran would have been fine either way. But me, I needed to leave him with someone I trusted 135% before I could send him to daycare with people I don’t really know. I’m proud of us. I have yet to shed a tear. Kayvan is the drop off and pick up parent since daycare is at his work. I went on Monday to help carry things in and be there for this very important first. Kamran was in THE BEST mood Monday morning. He woke up with a smile, nursed at 6, went back to sleep, we woke him at 7:30 (man I hate to wake a sleeping baby) and got him to daycare. He smiled, kicked and laughed during every moment of our trip. Even in the car and he hates the car. Of course, clean diapers are for pooping in and Kam did that on our way to daycare. He got changed pretty much as soon as we got there and even that was full of smiles and laughs. Kayvan and I said our farewells for the day and watched the teacher put Kamran in the boppy for a bit. Again, all smiles. He made it so easy for me.

Today was a tad harder. We got access to the daycare cameras and can now check in on Kam during the day. Check in on him I did. I did not like that every stinking time I logged in Kamran was either eating or in the crib. We have asked that Kamran eat then play then sleep…in that order. A request that is not being fulfilled. We have also asked that he be placed upright for 30 minutes after each meal because of his reflux. Another request that is not being fulfilled. Of course, because Kayvan is the pick up/drop off parent, I have to send him to do my bidding. “Hunny, can you ask how tummy time went today and mention he is in the crib too much?” “Hunny, can you please write EAT/PLAY/SLEEP on the drop off form?” My poor husband. I’ll get used to it. It isn’t a huge deal I suppose but I have worked really hard to keep the bottle disassociated from sleeping and I don’t want them screwing all of that hard work up. I also don’t want Kam in the stinkin crib all day and I would rather he not spit all of his last meal up into his hair while laying on his back right after eating. I don’t typically like telling people how to do their job but this is one instance in which I will most certainly make exceptions. After all, I’m not telling them how to do their job, I’m telling them how to do MY job.

I also have some more fantastic news. Kamran is sleeping through the night!! My brother got married on July 3rd and the wedding took place about 2 hours from home. Kamran decided that Friday, July 1st would be a fantastic time to sleep through the night. Kayvan and I were thrilled. We worried that it wouldn’t last though since we wouldn’t be sleeping at home the next few nights. Nope, not a problem! He slept through the night Saturday and Sunday as well! Given that those were late nights for us, we were oh-so-happy about the timing. Monday night, we resumed the standard not sleeping through the night schedule. Actually, he woke every 3 hours. That was a total bummer since the week before we would only have to wake at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. It was partially my fault with the grand idea to transition him out of the napper and into the crib wedge in the pack n play. It’s too early for that and baby boy sure made that known. This past Friday, Kamran started sleeping through the night again. We are on night 4 of sleeping prince bliss and man, oh man is it awesome.

We had an impromptu visit to the doctor last week and Kamran is now weighing in at 12 lbs 5 ounces. I swear he has a pound in each cheek! Tomorrow is his post-surgery follow upa and I’m certain he will get the all clear. Something tells me the doctor will be taking his steri strips off. We were told they would fall off. It has been 4 weeks today and they haven’t fallen off yet. They’re getting pretty grimy and I think he can afford to lose them now.

We are still putting photo updates here: http://theromaezis.smugmug.com/Family/Kamran/16237032_y3GA4#1224252134_nGwrQ


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