15 Weeks: Back to Work

June 29, 2011 at 2:18 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I can’t offically start the blog for week 15 until I recognize the fact that I didn’t blog last week. Sorry about that folks. Last week I decided to kick back, relax and fully enjoy my last week of freedom from the working mom life. No rush hour traffic, no 9-5 (or later), none of that. Just sitting on the couch like a lazy bum in my pajamas with my little boy. Okay, that isn’t the entire truth. We did get out and explore a bit, walking with our hospital friends, lunch at Kayvan’s office, etc. But I did pull Kam into bed with me to cuddle one day last week.

Kamran has been a much easier baby since his surgery. He is still a touchy little guy but all in all he is easier to read. He doesn’t cry inconsolably for unknown reasons anymore. We can figure out what he needs and calm him fairly easily now. OH and perhaps the most important development, he consistently sleeps at least 6 hours in one stretch.

Last Friday we noticed that Kamran was becoming quite the chatter box. He not only “talks” to you but he smiles when you smile at him. It is quite fun really. Another new development is that we can put Kamran down more often and he is content. Most surprisingly, he now LIKES the swing. Yay! We no longer have to lug the bouncy seat between the 3 floors in our house! I started working with him in the swing a few minutes at a time until, before I knew it, I had washed ALL of the bottles without a single whimper from him one morning.

Anyway. This week’s big change for us is that I am now officially back at work. Pappa bear is home with the baby boy for my first 2 weeks back and then Kamran will be headed to daycare with all of the big boys and girls.

I thought my first day back would be really hard. It has been 6 months since I have worked and this is a new job for me. A job that was a very big deal for me when I applied for it and got it. I was so excited about my huge step but then my water broke 2 days after I accepted the position. I took Kamran for a visit to my office a few weeks ago and had to fend off an anxiety attack driving to the building for the first time in months. However, Monday went rather smooth. I spent Saturday night making sure we had enough bottles should we have another commutergeddon (oh wait, it isn’t winter anymore). I set my alarm for 7 and told Kayvan that I could get the baby for the first feed of the day if he wakes between 6 and 7. Kam woke at 6:45, ate half of a bottle and wanted to go back to bed. Things would have been perfect had he eaten the entire bottle but I’ll take it. I got ready for work, gave the baby his zantac and whispered “bye baby boy, behave for daddy.” He opened his eyes and flashed me his adorable ear to ear grin. I then responded with “shit, no, go back to sleep” and shoved the binky into his mouth. Good mommy, huh? After I corrected myself and said bye to both big and little K. for the day, I went on my merry way to sit in traffic.

Traffic was a little worse than I expected given that the commute is usually a bit better in the summer when school is out. I made it to work 10 minutes early AND as a special bonus found an AMAZING parking space right by the door. Good so far! I eventually got a brand spanking new computer from the IT department, met a few folks in my new department and hopped over to my old department to clean out my old desk. I got a bit of training in for the day and headed back home. There was more to the day, of course but no need to bore you with the mundane.

Can I tell you that I did not shed a SINGLE tear Monday? So proud of myself. But wait, I sort of saved that for today. Today didn’t go as well for me. Traffic absolutely SUCKED this morning, though I still made it to work on time, I left my ID to the building on my desk and thus it was a little more annoying to get into the building today and I totally screwed up my e-mail storage in an attempt to get my old e-mails on my new computer. This rendered me useless after about 3:30. I felt so productive this morning but the whole e-mail thing was annoying and I missed Kamran. As I typically do when I’m frustrated, I cried. Just for a little bit, I saved it for the ride home and got over my self pity-really fast but c’mon this is all new to me! I’m a baby, I know.

Of course, Kayvan thinks he is Mr. Mom and this whole thing is cake. Yesterday was a little hard on him. Kam was whiny most of the day and insisted on eating every 2 hours. Good time to pick for that change there, kiddo! Today, Kam was back to his 3 hour schedule and did a good job of playing and napping as I have been working with him on for a bit of a routine. So yes, my dearest, darling husband. Kamran was pretty easy today…but it took effort to get him there. You’re welcome. 😉

I think that is it for this week. No measurement checks but I’m willing to bet the kid is about 11.5 lbs. Not to mention his feet grew an inch overnight this weekend!



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  1. Glad you guys made it the first two days 🙂 glad you can make small steps with Kayvan being able to stay home.

  2. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go back to work after 6 months… You’re incredible.

    • Aw, thanks Sam. Most new moms have to go back to work. I’m not that out of the ordinary.

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