12 Weeks: Sleep and Surgery

June 7, 2011 at 7:38 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments

Kayvan and I are slowly beginning to remember what it is actually like to sleep. Sleep is amazing. Friday night Kamran slept for his first ever 5-hour stretch. Nevermind the fact that he cluster fed the rest of the morning after that. 5 hours is well worth praising. Saturday night we got a 4.5 hour stretch and 3 hour stretch. Nice! All of this was, of course, short lived. We have now graduated ourselves back to a little boy who wakes up as soon as you put him down. I would be happy to have 3 hour stretches back!

Kamran seems to have something waking him at night this week. The reflux is pretty much under control. My best guess is that the hernia is bugging him. As terrified as I am for Kamran to have his surgery next week, I want this kid to feel better! He seems to be just fine most of the time. He is a very smiley boy these days. Mornings seem to be his best time. Kayvan and I love mornings. Kamran wakes at 6 but will nap until 9. When he wakes up, the boy eats and then plays with plenty of smiles for mom and dad. Mornings are an incredibly content time. He likes staring at the decoration on our walls and at the window in our bedroom. More than anything he likes sitting up, propped of course, and kicking his little feet. Those things are constantly on the move these days!

So I mentioned Kamran’s hernia surgery earlier. He needs it. I’m worried about it. I worry about the anesthesia and the risk it carries with such a teeny guy. The NICU nurses had an incredibly difficult time getting an IV in Kam when he was first born. I worry about the IV this time around too. I know he will cry and it will kill me. Also, infection is the biggest risk. I worry about that too. He has an inguinal hernia on his left side and that is what needs to be repaired immediately. So that will be done. While the surgeon is in there she will repair his umbilical hernia. Those typically self correct. In the instance that they do not, they are surgically repaired at age 3. There is no point in putting Kam through this surgery twice. In the same light the doctor will explore Kamran’s right side to be sure that it also isn’t herniated. If it is, it will be fixed. Quite frankly, I think the right side is herniated too.

I am thankful that we have people we know working at the hospital. At least I won’t have to sit and stew in the family waiting area while he is in surgery. Kayvan and I are already planning on making brownies for the surgical nurses as well as my old nurses. Kayvan really only wanted to make brownies for our friends on my old floor but I reminded him that food instantly puts you in the favorite patient spot and he changed his mind.

The surgery is next Tuesday. Rather than blog about the same thing twice I will likely wait to update until Kam is out of surgery.

Oh, I almost forgot! Kamran is 9 lbs 11 oz as of yesterday. Getting big!!



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  1. I am one of your mommy friends from WTE. I just wanted to encourage you as you approach Kamran’s surgery. My first son had surgery at 3 months to repair his cleft lip. He did really well under the anesthesia. At his hospital, they gave him sleepy gas first before they even attempted an IV. You may want to ask your son’s Dr if they can do the same – it will be so much easier then trying to wrangle with him to get an IV in while he’s awake. Best wishes to you guys – you have been doing such a great job and I know you will do great for your son for his surgery too! We will be praying for you

    • Hi Emily, thank you so much for the kind words, prayers and advice. I will most certainly talk to the anesthesiologist about pain management prior to giving him IVs or anything else that will cause him torment.

  2. hope it all goes well girlie. glad he is getting bigger 🙂

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