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Kayvan and I went out to dinner at Benihana last night. It was nice to hang out together outside of the hospital and the house. I encouraged him to get a beer with dinner now that I am technically able to drive so he had two.

It was a bit strange driving for the first time in months but it’s like riding a bicycle. A skill you don’t forget once it has been mastered. (Kayvan would argue that I have yet to master this skill.) It was a bit uncomfortable to sit the way I do in the drivers seat. But it was only a short distance and I got us home safely.

Kayvan informed me that I would be going to get a pedicure Saturday morning. He was kicking me out of the house. So that is exactly what I did today. I picked a very spring color for my toes and have to admit. I still feel like I should have chosen something like gray or dark purple–my norm. I feel so out of season but indeed I’m not. It is spring after all.

We joined a friend who is visiting from out of town for breakfast and are now slowly making our way to the hospital from here. I’m slowly starting to get my life back. I can’t wait for the days that I’m bound to the house because of baby. Until then, I’ll enjoy being able to go out to eat without risking the child screaming in the restaurant.


My C-section…While I Still Remember

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I documented Kamran’s birthday in a rather quick manner and want to share the details of my c-section before I forget all of the minute details.  Now, if you are an expecting mother or have an incredibly weak stomach you might want to skip this post.  I was the pregnant chick who wanted to know the step by step of the real c-section.  I didn’t want to hear “It’s not that bad” unless it really wasn’t that bad.  I can see myself saying that a year from now once the memory has faded.  Before I get to that point I share with you. Continue Reading My C-section…While I Still Remember…

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