Growth Spurt Maybe?

April 30, 2011 at 7:07 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I think Kamran may be having a growth spurt. If not, he is certainly feeling better now that he is on Zantac. Last night, Kayvan let me sleep from 7:30 to midnight and I felt like a new person up and at em…at midnight. Perfect for our little night owl.

I fed Kam at midnight and he took 70 ml, that’s over 2 oz, then wanted to nurse for a few minutes afterward. That’s never ever happened before…more than 70 ml. Heck, getting him to take 70 ml is rare. Earlier this week 40 was worth celebrating. I put him to bed thinking I could for sure get 3 hours out of that. Wrong. He was up and hungry at 2 hours on the dot. As I was warming a 60 ml bottle, Kam decided he wanted to nurse again. Maybe he just wants mommy but the boy has never been so eager to eat that he can’t wait for a bottle to warm.

In addition to all of this food, he’s sleeping well. At least during the day. Again, I have Zantac and Mycolin to thank but I’m thinking this is a growth spurt in progress too. He usually doesn’t allow me to put him down for more than 30 minutes in the daytime and I got to do that twice while he slept. Granted, I just had coffee and was WIDE awake myself. I know, coffee is bad for reflux, but I was dying of exhaustion.

Back to our 2 am feeding, after he ate, Kam was a wide eyed bobble head baby, examining his room and making cute little noises. He also scratched the heck out of me during his workout. Eventually I hopped in the rocker and back to sleep he went. He did sleep until 5 and I hopped in the shower after I put him back in bed. Well that didn’t last because when I got out of the shower Kam was cuddling with daddy. Oops, sorry Hun. He had to be up to go take a final anyway. Child demanded a snack at 7 then ate 60 ml at 8. Hungry hungry boy. I love it.

I’m really hoping this IS a growth spurt. We need to put a good amount of weight on this teeny weenie tot before his next weigh in on Tuesday.



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  1. This may be slightly terrible to say, but it’s so nice to hear that i’m not the only one out there exhausted and unable to put my child down for long periods of time. It’s totally unfair that you ha such a difficult pregnancy AND have to deal with issues like reflux. I admire you…it’s hard enough as is. Your positivity is contagious!

    • Haha, nope not mean! I keep telling myself that reflux is a normal baby problem and tons of other people have to go through this. It helps. BUT. Kamran slept in his bed last night for the second night in a row. Yippee! I discovered a little secret since he sleeps on an incline. When I put him in, I walk away. If he cries I give him a few sips of the bottle I gave him that he inevitably didn’t finish instead of the paci because he spits that out. I don’t give him much at all because A, he’s full and B, I don’t want to choke him.
      We will get through this!!!

      • Yeah, it seems like both reflux and jaundice are really common. It makes sense. I really need to get a stash going so I can have my husband help out with the feedings but every time i go to pump the baby wants to eat. I think he’s going through a growth spurt, too. It gets easier…i just wish I remembered when!

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