Growth Spurt Maybe?

April 30, 2011 at 7:07 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I think Kamran may be having a growth spurt. If not, he is certainly feeling better now that he is on Zantac. Last night, Kayvan let me sleep from 7:30 to midnight and I felt like a new person up and at em…at midnight. Perfect for our little night owl.

I fed Kam at midnight and he took 70 ml, that’s over 2 oz, then wanted to nurse for a few minutes afterward. That’s never ever happened before…more than 70 ml. Heck, getting him to take 70 ml is rare. Earlier this week 40 was worth celebrating. I put him to bed thinking I could for sure get 3 hours out of that. Wrong. He was up and hungry at 2 hours on the dot. As I was warming a 60 ml bottle, Kam decided he wanted to nurse again. Maybe he just wants mommy but the boy has never been so eager to eat that he can’t wait for a bottle to warm.

In addition to all of this food, he’s sleeping well. At least during the day. Again, I have Zantac and Mycolin to thank but I’m thinking this is a growth spurt in progress too. He usually doesn’t allow me to put him down for more than 30 minutes in the daytime and I got to do that twice while he slept. Granted, I just had coffee and was WIDE awake myself. I know, coffee is bad for reflux, but I was dying of exhaustion.

Back to our 2 am feeding, after he ate, Kam was a wide eyed bobble head baby, examining his room and making cute little noises. He also scratched the heck out of me during his workout. Eventually I hopped in the rocker and back to sleep he went. He did sleep until 5 and I hopped in the shower after I put him back in bed. Well that didn’t last because when I got out of the shower Kam was cuddling with daddy. Oops, sorry Hun. He had to be up to go take a final anyway. Child demanded a snack at 7 then ate 60 ml at 8. Hungry hungry boy. I love it.

I’m really hoping this IS a growth spurt. We need to put a good amount of weight on this teeny weenie tot before his next weigh in on Tuesday.


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