Okay, We Have Zantac

April 25, 2011 at 10:57 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 7 Comments

And please, oh please let it work!!

I mentioned how sleepless the first night home with Kam was and chalked it up to an adjustment. The second night wasn’t so bad and the third I don’t even want to talk about. We think he has reflux. The nurses in the NICU mentioned the possibility of reflux but it was nothing severe enough for them to do anything about. Well, they don’t have to take care of the kid 24/7. I figured they know what they’re talking about but he is clearly in pain. It shouldn’t have had to be severe in order for them to give him something to fix it.

I called the nurse line at the Doctor’s office on Friday morning after a sleepless night Thursday night. No baby should scream like Kam was. Goodness only knows what the neighbors thought I was doing to the kid. The nurse gave me some great advice. Change my diet to nothing but bland and feed Kamran every 2 hours. No spice (was already doing that), no caffiene (that too), tropical fruit, acidic food, you name it. She suggested that I eat lots of avocado and banana and it helped. We slept! Well, it lasted one night and the Doctor’s office was closed Sunday and we had an appointment Monday anyway.

We went to visit the doctor today and first thing we did was weigh Kamran. I didn’t think it would be good…and it wasn’t. Kam didn’t lose but he only gained 2 ounces. That is 40% less than he should have. Sigh. So I proceed to tell the doctor Kamran’s symptoms. I tell him that is really hard to get him to eat a good amount. He will eat 20 ml and then you really have to push him to eat the rest. After he hits 20 ml he screams bloody murder inconsolably like I’m starving him…but the bottle is in his mouth. He arches back and SCREAMS so I get up, we bounce up and down the hallway and I burp him…then I get maaaybe another 5 -10 ml in him. Not to mention that at times he burps and milk comes out of his nose…then he gets the hiccups. He only sleeps well laying on me or Kayvan even though we put him to bed on an incline. Oh, and at times he chokes on his bottle. As I begin to go through this with the doctor, Kam decides that he wants to eat (he didn’t want to finish his bottle at 1 before we left the house so at 2 I pull the bottle out in the Doctor’s office. Kayvan is feeding Kam and the doctor got to see firsthand what we’ve got to deal with–Kam showed him.

So we’re trying Zantac, hoping it makes baby boy feel better thus getting us a little more sleep…all 3 of us. I really need him to eat better. Kid needs to gain weight. It’s scaring me.



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  1. hello I have been following your blogs I was also a april mommy that had a premie at 33 weeks. I have dealt with acid reflux with my son. The only thing that worked for him was rice in the milkl which I thought on my own because the boy was not gaining and ejectile vomit. Well after I started rice I had no more spit up. My daughter which is my premie I started having ejectile vomiting again rt acid reflux and her doctor told me to put rice in the milk and to make a the nipple hole just a tad bigger. Sure enough once again it has worked. Off subject….i admire how you survived bed rest!! I will continue to pray for your family. I hope you get some sleep. And if the zantac don’t work you can mention that to your doctor.

    • Thank you! I’m hoping we don’t have to go to rice cereal in his milk just yet.

      Congrats on your little one!

  2. Thinking of you chica! Kam is a sweetie and just likes the added attention. 🙂 But hope the Zantac works and that you, Big K and Little K get some sleep and that he starts to eat more and gain more weight.

  3. aww girlie I hope the meds help. Its so hard to see them in pain! Hope you figure out some relief!

  4. I hope that this helps calm his belly down! Poor little guy! Good luck getting sleep tonight! xoxo

  5. We went through the exact same thing with our new baby- but we didn’t get zantac for her until she was 5 weeks old, a few days ago. It was rough!!!

    We also got a Rx for hyoscyamine sulfate drops. They are meds for gas- sometimes she gets really fussy and squirmy between meals and we give her 4 tiny drops of the gas meds and it’s like magic- she settles right down. If the zantac alone doesn’t totally fix the problem, you might ask your dr about that stuff. It’s worth its weight in gold!!!

    • Ya, it stinks knowing he spent 5 weeks in pain. :(. He did this in NICU as well.

      Your poor Babe. Makes ya feel a little less crazy having a resin though, doesn’t it?

      We got gas drops last night. Totally different baby.

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