Happy Easter from Kamran Bunny!

April 24, 2011 at 10:06 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | 1 Comment

Happy Easter from our little bunny!


One benefit to having a new baby is that it is easy to get your photog friends to come take pictures if they haven’t met the kid yet. have mentioned before that photography is a hobby of mine in addition to making what my dad calls “stupid little hats.” I know better than think I could photograph an infant single handedly. So I called Millie! Now, other friends of mine, don’t go getting jealous that I haven’t called inviting the masses over yet. (Millie, don’t read this part. ;)) I was purely using Millie for her services…and her mom’s fried chicken which also came with her. Kamran must have wanted to make sure Millie got to know him well. He was awake the entire time. No sleeping newborn photos for us. He also made it known that he wasn’t going to sit by and allow us to turn him into a baby in a basket, no sir.


I hope everyone enjoyed the day with their families! Speaking of family, my dad came by today with my grandmother and grandfather. Kamran’s great grandparents. You know, he’s the 3rd great grandchild and the 3rd boy. Great grandbaby #4 is also in the oven so to speak and is a boy. Any guesses what great grandbaby #5 (also on the way) will be? Something tells me boys are just what we do but I’m hoping #5 is a girl…but only if that’s what the mommy and daddy are hoping for!

By the way, I am aware it is no fun to have to click through to see the photos…BUT. There are some who have shown me they cannot be trusted not to right click, save and post my/Millie’s photos to Facebook–thus giving Facebook ownership. Can you tell I used to work with intellectual property? Well, that and I may be a slightly overbearing new mommy.


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  1. You know you just wanted Mama’s fried chicken. 🙂

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