Wonder What the Neighbors Think

April 21, 2011 at 3:16 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 6 Comments

Not that I care much about outside opinions but my neighbors would probably believe Kamran was adopted if we told them that was the case. Of course, Kam isn’t adopted and we all know that.

Our absence from the neighborhood hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our next-door neighbor helped with the animals when I was first admitted to the hospital so he knows the drill. Most others round these parts are out of the loop. And I’m sure are slightly baffled when they see me walking Sookie. Last year they all met me when we started walking the puppy. Now Kamran and I walk Sookie with him in the Moby (better than the stroller for him but also me because it helps get my core strength back). I can tell they are all curious where Kayvan and I have been but don’t want to ask I’m pretty forthcoming but should really have some fun with them and make up some stories about why I’m suddenly wearing a baby though no one ever saw me pregnant.



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  1. Hilarious! : )

  2. I had the same problem and found a fisher price rock and play sleeper and OMG huge tremendous difference and it’s portable so very easy to move around and a out 45.00 dollars it also has a slight incline so baby isn’t laying flat. Just something I thought might help 🙂

    • Nice to know. I’ve thought about a third bed option for our basement. He really likes the newborn napper on the pack n play now that we’re starting to figure out what’s troubling him.

  3. Hahaa, that’s hilarious!

  4. I still use my Moby I love the thing, but I use it more at home. Luke is getting pretty big for it though, He’s about 20lbs now, but I like it since you can make the straps really wide. I wish that I had it when he was first born, but I didn’t know enough to get one. Oh well maybe for the next baby. I also find it easier to carry Luke then to use a stroller especially since I’m finding out that most of the handicapped automatic door openers are broken in MoCo Ha Ha and it’s such a pain to drag the stroller in and out of buildings.Luke also didn’t like his car seat carrier so when we use the stroller and it combined he would fuss after a few minutes. but not in the Moby wrap.

    • I’m so buying a second so I can use it this summer. Black is too hot for sunny days.

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