Wonder What the Neighbors Think

April 21, 2011 at 3:16 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 6 Comments

Not that I care much about outside opinions but my neighbors would probably believe Kamran was adopted if we told them that was the case. Of course, Kam isn’t adopted and we all know that.

Our absence from the neighborhood hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our next-door neighbor helped with the animals when I was first admitted to the hospital so he knows the drill. Most others round these parts are out of the loop. And I’m sure are slightly baffled when they see me walking Sookie. Last year they all met me when we started walking the puppy. Now Kamran and I walk Sookie with him in the Moby (better than the stroller for him but also me because it helps get my core strength back). I can tell they are all curious where Kayvan and I have been but don’t want to ask I’m pretty forthcoming but should really have some fun with them and make up some stories about why I’m suddenly wearing a baby though no one ever saw me pregnant.


Kamran Has A Lot to Teach Us

April 21, 2011 at 2:09 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments

As first time parents, Kayvan and I have lots to learn and we know it. The first night home I mentioned? Ya, we figured out why it was so sleepless. Kamran has deemed the pack n play bassinet an uncomfortable, thus, unacceptable place to sleep. On night #2…technically morning #2 in a hopeless sleep deprived stupor I reattached the newborn nap station to the pack n play and viola! A sleeping baby! If only newborns could talk.

Originally we decided not to use the nap station at night because the manufacturer advised against the baby more than napping in it. Well, that is all newborns do anyhow. So he sleeps in the dang napper. Last night I got 3 to 4 hours of sleep at a time! Brand new girl here! We really only have him sleeping in the pack n play in our room until he’s a little older and sleeps longer. You know, for our sanity. During the day I put him in the crib in his room to “nap” with the angel care monitor on. I told Kayvan he was a little nutso for wanting the thing but that was before our baby was born and plugged into monitors 24/7. I’ve managed having Kam “disconnected” pretty well but have to admit, when he sleeps for 4 hours I check to make sure he’s breathing more than I need to. The first night home it was a bit foreign to pick Kamran up without his tail of cables following. I found myself pulling him a little extra, to make room for the cables then suddenly making the realization and shaking my head at how ridiculous I was. Now that our baby is home sans monitors I love that angel care monitor. All monitors tell you when your baby is making noise but my concern is that he is still breathing, especially since he used to have brady spells and the angel care monitor will alarm if he stops breathing. We have a 3 story townhouse so the monitor saves me lots of extra time running up and down the steps…which by the way I need, but that is an entire blog post of it’s own.

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