A good night for everyone!

April 8, 2011 at 3:56 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 5 Comments

Yesterday was a good one for all three of us. My car has been a bit wacky lately after not being driven for 3 months so when he got home, Kayvan changed the battery for me, we ran a quick errand and headed to the NICU. Traffic was horrible but we will skip that part. Kayvan and I got some good cuddle time in with our boy, I fed him and he did really well. I was quite happy about that since Kam is still quite the slow eater. He usually picks sleep over food.

We got kicked out over shift change and visited our nurse buddies on the high risk perinatal floor for a bit before returning to the NICU after shift change. I forgot that since I breastfed kayvan didn’t get to hold the baby much and in true baby hog fashion I proclaimed that I was going to do kangaroo care (skin to skin with the babe). Oops. After 30 minutes I decided to share because I had to go pump and Big K. and little K. got to hang for a bit. We let the nurses feed him at 9 because Kayvan had a hot date. We went out for an awesome sushi dinner in DC. I love that restaurant and love their black sesame gelato even more. To die for. I also decided to split a guilt free beer with Kayvan. It was delicious and no, baby K won’t be getting drunk any time soon.

While I was on bed rest I reserved a house cleaner using a living social deal I bought anticipating that by now I’d be out of my mind sleep deprived with a newborn at home. So the cleaners came bright and early and my house is spotless. It was clean to begin with but they did all the stuff I can’t or don’t want to. I LOVED it and lit some candles when they left. It also happens to be the day the Landscapers cut the grass as a part if out homeowners association dues. Because we gave a fence, they don’t cut the back yard. Well, I decided to help a Hubby out and asked the Landscapers if they would cut the back. We pay for it after all. And they DID! Kamran also ate like a little piggy thus morning which made me SOooo happy. Now, if he could keep this up Brady spell (which by the way is when he forgets to breathe and his heart rate drops) free for a few days, he can come home!! Keep in mind, this is day 1 of good days for him. We need a minimum of 3 good days in a row.



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  1. Glad you had a great day!!! 🙂 And keeping Little K in my prayers for at least 2 more Brady free days!

  2. come on baby K!

  3. I’m glad that you guys are settling down nicely. Lil’ man will be a nice addition to your sushi dates, lol. I miss you guys! Can’t wait to hear from you when things calm down. xoxo to everyone!

  4. This is Anouk’s mom from the NICU! I’m really enjoying the blog. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad baby Kam is doing well, and that you finally got your sushi.

    Come by and visit us at babyverdier.blogspot.com if you get a spare moment (right…haha). I haven’t updated since Anouk was born–I definitely need to, soon.


  5. Good call on the Kangaroo Care, I’m sure that will help a lot with the brady spells. I’ve heard of a pre-term baby who was proclaimed dead come back to life after receiving 2 hrs of Kangaroo Care from his mommy. The power of love!

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