Hospital Friends

March 30, 2011 at 11:30 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 3 Comments

As Kayvan and I got off the elevator leaving the NICU yesterday I heard “Oh Jamie!” as a very familiar voice shouted my name across the hospital lobby. I was headed in the other direction and quickly spun around like a deer in headlights and wondered if I was about to be scolded for being out of bed. It was my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor who delivered Kamran and the woman darn near sent me into a postpartum post traumatic distress syndrome type flash back.

I quickly realized that I’m still allowed out of my bed because I am no longer pregnant and a permanent hospital fixture. I walked over to her for a big hug. I love that woman and and am seriously so thankful she took me as a patient at 23 weeks after my water broke. Another of her former patients was with me and I felt a bit bad that she didn’t recognize her face let alone name. My OBs son was visiting the hospital and I got to meet the rambunctious little 7 year old who I might add is very cute.

My doctor seems quite proud to have delivered Kamran and called him a miracle. Other doctors have made that reference to him before but this was a first coming from her. She seems very proud to be in the profession she is and genuinely cares about her patients. She also made a comment that helped fix what has been a bit of a fuzzy perspective coming from me lately. “This is all about the long term.” I knew that on bed rest but somehow lost sight between there and here. It’s tough to think long term when you are so focused on taking it day by day just to make it to that long term goal.

Kayvan asked her if we could be her patient “next time” and if she takes “normal” patients. I laughed because he thinks that there will be a next time and that after all this I won’t be high risk again. I told her that if I come into her office pregnant he did something to trick me. She told him they all say that and I told her she is free to mark my words later but right now I’ll say what I want.

Kayvan and I have certainly made lots of friends in the hospital and are sure to say hi whenever we see any of them. Funny thing is, they usually recognize Kayvan first since they aren’t used to seeing me in make up and wearing more than a nightgown.  Everyone also remarks how tall I am since laying in bed they never knew my height.  I’m sick of hospitals but everyone we’ve met has been so great that we’re going to have to make sure we keep in touch. Besides, they need to meet the boy that they helped me and Kayvan bring into this world.



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  1. LOL. You are tall. 🙂

  2. That is beautiful. I am so glad your hospital stay was as comfortable as possible.

  3. turn those lemons into lemonade! 🙂 love ya!

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