Insatiable Thirst

March 29, 2011 at 12:27 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 5 Comments

Holy cow I’m thirsty! 100% of the time I’m thirsty. I always have a very large container of water with me now. It’s insane. I’m sure it goes hand in hand with the constant hunger I have due to nursing. How is it no one has mentioned this to me before?! I’ve been warned about the constant need to eat, which I’m cool with. But seriously, I just chugged a huge glass of apple juice in a few seconds.

For those of you who are first time moms and plan on nursing–plan to need water ALL the time. Invest in a good pitcher to lug around with you.

Kamran is up to 50 ccs per feed and I think something clicked with him last night because the boy has been eating ALL of his food within the 30 minute required time limit. Fingers crossed he keeps it up. This could mean very good things. I mean, we DID leave his car seat at NICU today (he has to pass a car seat challenge before he can come home–more on that later). Let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. He isn’t home til he’s home…and I miss him. 🙂

We have a busy day at the hospital tomorrow. CPR class and a meeting with a doctor plus time with Kamran, of course. Tomorrow he will be 2 weeks old and would have been 37 weeks if I were still pregnant hoping there is good news in store!!



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  1. Yay for 50ccs!! I’m getting antsy for him to be home with you and Kayvan! (Mainly because I want to meet him so bad! But happy 2 weeks old Kamran!!!!!

  2. your being so strong momma! What a blessing that Kayvan can be there STILL with you with all of this! How many cc’s does he have to get too? and I’d like to know what a carseat test is..

  3. Yeah, I still get really thirsty. I used the big mug that the hospital gave me. I carried it around with me at home. I didn’t really leave home very long when he was little to need to carry it out. At night I always had to make sure that it was filled & sitting on the night stand before I went to sleep by morning it would be gone. The thing I find funny is when your pregnant you pee all the time, & then when you are nursing you drink so much water, but don’t really pee at all. Which is a good thing since there are times when I just can’t find the time to pee. Crazy I know but you will soon see what I mean.
    Anyway I’m so glad that he is doing so well. I’m hoping he comes home very very soon. 🙂

    • Lol yup. Due to our really long stay we have 4 of those mugs. You would think we live in the desert or something. Summer should be interesting…

  4. Every time you pump or nurse, you need to have a big glass of water with you. When I first started nursing, I was literally drinking at least a gallon of water a day. I am not THAT thirsty anymore, but I do feel like I am dying of thirst whenever I finish nursing (or pumping at work).

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