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March 27, 2011 at 3:09 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Sookie the French Bulldog | 2 Comments

I’ve mentioned that Kamran can be breastfed once a day. Well, we do that because it is not only good for him but he does really well with it. The most obvious downside to him being in the NICU is that I can’t be there 100% of the time and therefore he has to be bottle fed my breast milk. Best substitute. Well, the poor kid is just plain confused. He always opens wide like a little baby bird when he is bottle fed and doesn’t quite latch well. Bottles don’t work like that. And for some reason, he does the opposite when he is breast fed at first. Once I break the bad first latch it just clicks for him. The nurse said to buy him an avent single hole bottle to try out today. They usually require a new bottle and nipple for each use but we shall see how this pans out. Fingers crossed it works.

He ate well and has gained today so far too. Nothing else is new, and still no feeding tube. Woot!

We are going to bring Sookie home today too! Phase 2 of bring back the chaotic life I once had and then some. Can’t wait to see my snorty pup!



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  1. I’m glad everything is going so well. About the bottles the nurse is right a different nipple works wonders. When Luke first came home he wouldn’t latch so we had to supplement with formula & then pumped milk. I was using the hospital nipples & the medela’s wide base slow flow nipples. I thought that all slow flow were the same & that since the hospital provided me with their nipple they must be good. Well after not getting Luke to latch for 2.5 weeks & me crying with every feed since I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to breastfeed him. I went to a hospital sponcered BEST class & I showed them the bottle I was using & they said their is your problem. They told me that if you can turn the bottle over & it drips then the flow is too fast no matter what the bottle co. calls it. So I got the ones that your nurse suggest & it was like magic within 2 days I got him to breastfeed longer them bottle feed & within a week he wasn’t taking a bottle at all. I ended up switching to playtex drop ins though since they have the same nipples & Luke had bad gas & they were the only ones that seemed to help with that plus you can just use the breastmilk storage bags unstead of the drops in so that saves you a step & milk from transfering from the bag to the bottle. But I’m sure that you will try many different bottles when he if finely home before finding the one that works for the both of you. Well we can’t wait to meet him. We hope he comes home soon.

  2. When Julian gets a bottle, he uses the First Years Breastflow. He had a period where he only wanted the bottle and wanted nothing to do with nursing. I switched him to the Breastflow and we’ve never looked back. 🙂 (I researched it online and then contacted a consultant from the La Leche League and she recommended it as well which is the reason I tried it out initially.)

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