Moving to a New Room

March 26, 2011 at 2:43 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 2 Comments

I called the NICU to check in on Kamran last night and the nurse said that he took the full 42 cc bottle on his own for his 9 p.m. feed. She also said that the next tine I call that I should ask for his new room number because Kamran was graduating to the feeders and growers room last night. Yahooo!!

She added that they routinely discharge babies from this room. GREAT news for us! When I called to check in this morning, Kamran had taken ALL of his last 2 feeds by bottle and the feeding tube was taken O-U-T!! Baby boy just needs to keep eating and growing so he can finally come home.

Yesterday we gave him a bath and put a new preemie sized froggie outfit on him. Too stinkin cute. The nurse had to parade him around and all the nurses came over and cooed over him. We put pictures up on the smugmug site. (

He also had his hearing test done, which he passed. We kept the poor little man too busy yesterday and he was just so pooped. We did have to use the feeding tube twice. He just had no interest in doing anything but sleeping. We did get some good snuggle time in though!



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  1. Yeah!!! Sounds like he is doing gr8!!! Won’t be long now 😉

  2. Hi, I just realised that you can leave comments. I feel dumb for just finding this out. I usually read your blog on my phone & so the way it looks on my phone it doesn’t look like there is anymore to scroll down after the text stops. Well anyway I’m so happy that he is doing so great. I hope gets to go home soon. 🙂

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