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Not MY minime…Kayvan’s.

Tell me this child doesn’t look exactly like his father. He has my mouth but that is about it.

Kamran, 6 days old

Kayvan, 6 days old

Kamran is back under the bili lights and is up to 28 ccs of milk. He is a VERY slow eater and 28 ccs really seemed to be too much for him yesterday. He got a little pissed when we made him finish the bottle last night. The nurse said he did very well last night and this morning.  I’m glad because I would worried the feeding tube would go back in.

Kamran SCREAMED bloody murder when the nurse unwrapped him, a total first but he hasn’t screamed like that with us in the room before. The nurse even said “He is the quiet baby in this room. Must not like me.” I left the boys alone for a bit and Kayvan swears he got a mini baby laugh out of Kam. He does smile for us, but a laugh? Regardless, Kayvan’s excitement was adorable.

dsWe need to rest and will probably wait to go to the hospital later tonight around 6, eat dinner through the nurse shift change then head back for his 9:00 feed, come home, “sleep” and do it all over again tomorrow.  At least we are starting to get a routine down.



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  1. OMG – hahaha = he does look like Kayvan! What happened to Kayvan, he was so cute before! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet Kamran in person. I still say he will have your mouth and CHIN! 🙂

  2. i think he looks like you! sorry dad but i see mom! i think he has your eyes. get a pic of you as a baby!

    • Haha. We did and the resemblance just isn’t there…except the mouth.

  3. Persians have strong genes!! All of my dad’s kids look exactly like him except for little bits and peices of mom. Kamran is perfect, congratulations!!

  4. It doesn’t matter, he is just adorable in his own way! xoxo

  5. You’re right! same hair style! lol

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