Day 79: Who are you and what have you done with my husband?

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This is Kayvan’s last full weekend to get things done before the baby gets here.  It is also his last weekend at home before coming back to the hospital to stay with me full time.  That means he is out and about running errands before he and the pup come visit today.  I got a text from him at 11:15 that said, “I find going to the baby store new and exciting.”  You bet I read that one twice.

Flash back a year ago when I literally had to BEG him to run some errands with me one day.  Now, typically errands are not a problem for him.  This day in particular Babies R Us was on the list of places to visit to buy a gift for a baby shower.  He didn’t want to go and was so completely ADD in that store when we got there.  Not to mention the fact that he got so frustrated standing in line with screaming children that he left the store in THE WORST mood and didn’t want to set foot in another store after that.  So today’s text message caught me off guard.  I read it twice, made sure it was indeed from my husband and not one of my girlfriends and responded, “Who are you?!”  And added “Are you serious, or is that sarcasm?”  His response…”I am the baby whisperer.”  Ya, we will see about that one in a matter of a week or so.  To think I just got him out of his “dog whisperer” phase with the pup.  I called him Cesar Jr. all of last summer.  He called me rather than texting back and forth and once on the phone informed me that he was sitting in some rocker in the baby store.  This told me that he was in absolutely no hurry.  The mere fact that he wasn’t determined to quickly run in, accomplish his goal and get out astonished me.  He asked if we needed anything…a question he normally would have asked BEFORE making the trip, so it had purpose.  I told him I wanted some baby magazines for coupons and I think that is why he was there in the first place.  I’m not sure, but I don’t think he had any returns and I know he didn’t buy anything because we are pretty set on the baby stuff front at this point.  I absolutely love his excitement.  It is just so darn cute.

Kayvan and Sookie came up to visit last night.  Sook was her usual bed hog self and fought me for the entire bottom half of the bed.  It’s funny, Sookie used to be pretty timid about heights.  Kayvan usually sits in his chair with his feet on my bed as a foot rest.  Last night Sookie wanted in the bed SO bad that she was trying to use his legs as a bridge to get here.  She wobbled and wobbled but was so determined.  Rather than let her fall, he relinquished the pup and put her in bed with me.  Eventually she made her way back to his lap when I started to move around too much for her liking.  No, my dog isn’t spoiled at all.  And Kayvan says he will be the “tough” parent.

The NST went well enough this morning.  The boy would not stay  on the monitors so I had to hold the thing on the entire time.  I swear, it doesn’t matter how much they sugar me up or freeze me to death by popsicle or ice, this child is reactive when he wants to be.  Today I had 2 cranberry juice, an apple juice, tons of ice water and then a cup of straight ice.  Nothing worked.  Know what got him going?  I sat up to grab something out of my reach.  A total no no on the NST but the nurse was right here.  He stayed on the monitors and made him more reactive, so that’s all that mattered.  I informed her that I would be doing my NSTs sitting up from now on.  Then joked that I will also be walking the floors as I please.  We both know neither of those will be happening until 9 days or so from now.

Oh and I am aware that this is small fish and is not a complaint, but no one told me just how oily my skin would get in the 3rd trimester.  I would have to wash it 3 times a day to keep it under control–which I clearly cannot do from bed.  Add facial to the list of things to do once I can leave the house sans baby!  Sayonara for now.  Love, your greasy faced friend.


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  1. You got greasy face, I got dry face! My forehead has been peeling non-stop since literally a few days after I concieved- I didn’t even know I was pregnant yet and was freaking out over my suddenly peely face! Sometimes the dry spreads and my nose and cheeks start to peel too. I had to completely give up any makeup at all, and I can’t wash my face except with just warm water- and then only once a day. Plus tons of moisturizer. And I’m still dry, peeling, and itchy!

    You should have your hubby pick you up some of those pre-moistened facial cleanser wipes- they’re great for getting rid of extra oil.

    It is funny how our men get when delivery time draws near. My hubby is definitely estrogen overloaded, and we’re delivering on April 5th unless something happens to speed things up. He’s been nesting, and what’s hilarious is, he started recording movies on the DVR supposedly for ME for while I’m recovering from my c-section. All chick flicks. But what does he do? He wants to watch them NOW… so we’ve been spending our evenings watching chick flicks of his choice! The man has baby radar, every baby within a 100 foot radius of us when we go out in public, he has to ask me, “Did you see that baby???” and he looks all happy and glowy when he says it!

    I’m definitely in the “my hubby is awesome” club- I had no idea how wonderful he would be with this. Cooking, cleaning, caring for all our animals (and we live in a farm- he even takes time to groom my 3 horses!). He’s been doing yeardwork, pruning all our fruit trees (30 some odd of them!) and now has added getting the garden ready, on top of everything else!

    Hope all goes well for you with your delivery!


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