Day 78: Our Numbers are Dwindling

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I have mentioned before that I really look forward to Thursday at 2:00.  It is the one time a week that I can get out of my room for a whole hour and talk to people who in a similar position as I am.  Over the past 5 weeks or so there have been four of us who were ALWAYS there.  I would say we have all become at least good acquaintances.  Two of the women were also 34 weeks, like me.  The other is a few weeks behind me, 25 weeks, I think?…maybe 26 by now.  We have shared our pregnancy sagas with each other over the past few weeks and learned that I have been here the longest.  The girl who is 25 or 26 weeks was admitted at 22 weeks so she might beat me for the length of stay.  I hope she does!  We also learned that I was the one the doctors planned to deliver first, at 36 weeks. The other ladies wouldn’t be delivered until 37 weeks at the earliest if the doctors could help it.  We all knew that the time would come where our group of social hour regulars would dwindle in size, but we expected to have 2 social hours before we lost the first member of the club.  Me.

I should also mention that two of these ladies are my neighbors.  One of them came over to see hats and I made a few for her she is pregnant with twins.  On her Tuesday visit, she told me that they moved her c-section up and would be delivering her the next day…Wednesday.  I knew she wouldn’t be attending social hour this week but assumed I would see the other two girls.  I was a little sad when I only saw one.  I overheard a call my nurse took the other night in  my room where the missing group member’s room number was mentioned and gathered that she was having a rough night.  Turns out her little boy couldn’t wait to get here because one of the nurses confirmed there is a new patient in her room–she was the other one who is 34 weeks like me.  I know three people on our floor delivered on Wednesday, which by the way is A LOT in one day.  My other social hour buddy must have been one of them.  As I write this I realize that I’m the last 34 weeker standing.  I am so very thankful that I’m still trucking along.  I plan to continue that way for another 8 days until they start the induction process.

I saw my neighbor who had the twins on Wednesday after social hour yesterday.  They let her keep her old room instead of going to postpartum which I think is awesome.  She said her c-section went well, the babies are in the NICU and seem to be doing well too.  I am so happy for her family and her new arrivals but hope hope hope that those little babes learn to eat quickly and high tail it home soon!  I know nothing about the other club member’s delivery.  She was pregnant with one little boy.  I hope he and his momma are doing well too!

I’ve been sleeping well the past few nights but this new habit stopped last night.  I was wide awake after my 4 a.m. vital check until about 7.  When I did fall asleep the resident nurse and doctor each came in at different times.  They were all done talking to me by 8:30 so I ended up falling asleep until 10:30.  Sleeping that late usually isn’t possible here but I pulled it off this morning somehow.  My sleep may have been interrupted but at least I feel rested.

I mentioned way back at the beginning of this whole stint that our fridge died.  We bought a new one last month but it still stands empty.  I’ve been a little worried about that since our next grocery trip will now need to be one where we stock up and it will likely take forever.  I think Living Social has been reading my blog because today they had this deal  Let’s Dish will deliver healthy, prepared meals to our house.  You bet your booty I bought it!  Now hubby doesn’t have to cook dinner the first week and a half home.

I’m on the non stress test now.  I’m a little late today because I slept in but also because I had a phone call this morning and asked the nurse to come back later.  She got a bit rushed with me when she came back so I did what she asked…but I should have insisted on using the restroom first because I’m having “irritability.”  I’ll make her give me a time out when she comes back to check on me and I’m sure all will be fine again.


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