Day 76: Lent

March 9, 2011 at 6:43 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Crochet | 2 Comments
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I’m not Catholic but I would LOVE to give up this hospital stay for Lent.  I would be so good at it too if it weren’t for the whole requirement of starting the deal today.  Because I can’t.

All in all today is a pretty good day.  Baby was quick with his non stress test today thank goodness because I was SO tired–but for no reason.  I had one of my favorite night nurses and was able to sleep well last night.  It is interesting that how well I sleep at night completely depends on the nurse I have.  I was a bit sleepy at 11:30 last night and asked her to do my vitals 30 minutes early then went to bed.  Since I’m used to waking every 4 hours I got up at 3:30 for a potty break and called Lisa again to let her know I was up if she could do vitals.  She came in, did the vital check and out I went.  I actually met my resident during the day yesterday and was able to smile and talk to her and expressed how hard it is to sleep in here and now it seems she is going to come visit me closer to 8 a.m. from now on.  WOOT!  It makes a world of difference.  I was already awake when she came in today a few minutes before 8.  If this keeps up I can most certainly make it the next 10 days with no hospital related rants.  Despite the good night of sleep I was still tired after my non stress test and told my nurse I might try to nap.  She saw housekeeping out in the hall and told them to come to me first and out I went for a little more than an hour with NO interruptions.

It is surprising to me whenever I have a new nurse.  They have 75 nurses on staff in this department so when I get a nurse for the first time I don’t quite know how to react anymore.  I’m so used to starting back up where I left off with my nurses that it is strange to say “Nice to meet you.”  I had a new nurse yesterday and another new nurse again today.  They both came in and saw my “babysitting chair” as I call it, which is just a chair Kayvan sat up next to my bed with anything I might need while he is gone.  As soon as they saw all of the yarn in the babysitting chair they siad, “You are the girl who makes the hats!!”  Both of them.  I never know what to say.  Seems I’ve build a reputation in here.  They all get a kick out of going through the new hats.  The girl in the room next to mine delivered her twins yesterday and I had made two hats for her that I forgot to take pictures of  before handing them over.  She also has a little girl that I made a stocking cap for.  Here is a photo:

I think my biggest problem today is that I can’t get my damn Gatorade open.  Just another small reason I miss my hubby.  Sook gets her stitches out on Friday and I’ll have him back to myself on Monday.



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  1. At the beginning of my pregnancy, while I was still getting used to the hormones, I had a minor mental breakdown because I couldn’t get my Gatorade open… So I feel your pain, although I highly doubt it’s emotionally wrecking you.

    • LOL! I was pretty desperate and got my scissors out to break the seal. It didn’t help much but I eventually got the thing open.

      Nothing quite like my 8 week pregnancy tantrum when the button broke on the only jeans that still fit.

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