Day 74: We Have an Induction Date!!!

March 7, 2011 at 4:44 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 17 Comments
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The end of this marathon…no…ironman race of a hospital stay is near! We have an official induction date! The fellow came in today and said that they scheduled my induction for 3/22. That is 15 days away!!! Yippeeee! We were hoping for 3/21 since that is typically the date the Persian new year falls upon each year (it is 3/20 this year) but it really doesn’t matter. I am VERY happy we are now talking induction rather than c-section. I had a million and a half questions for the doctors but the fellow didn’t seem to have answers for me. I asked if cervidil is safe to use since I’m ruptured or if we would start with pitocin. The fellow said that my doctors are better to discuss that with me but cytotec is safe to use on ruptured patients. I just did a VERY preliminary google search on cytotec, skimmed the results and do not like what I see about that drug.

The main concern seems to be uterine rupture be in patients that have had previous c-sections. That does not apply to me but there are other risks I need to look into. I know that google is not a reliable source of unbiased pregnancy information so I’ll hunt for studies. I will most certainly be talking about it with my doctors as well. The fellow also told me that they will begin the official induction the night of the 21st so I can sleep through the early stages of labor. My thoughts on sleeping through labor pains? YEAH RIGHT! He has obviously never felt a contraction. I haven’t felt many myself but it only takes one real contraction to know those things hurt a bit. My risk for c-section is still very high. Since the fluid is low, the risk for the baby going into fetal distress is very high and if that happens, off to the OR we go. 15 days, I cannot believe it!

Kayvan and I have decided that it will just be the two of us in the delivery room. This is more my decision than his, but I really want the end of this whole ‘process’ to be something we experience as a couple. Besides, I’ve blogged about all of my medical woes and believe it or not would like to have a private day. We promise to text and e-mail family and friends with baby news once the kid is here. You can expect an update here too once I’m up to it.

Baby did well on his non stress test this morning. We were on and off very quickly, which I appreciated. I think that orange juice is his new favorite since he does well on the non stress test on the days I drink OJ. It’s just a theory but as long as it works, I’ll be drinking it in the morning…for the next 15 days at least. The ultrasound went well enough. They just did a cord doppler and measured the amniotic fluid levels. Today we are at 3.8. Yesterday I told the nurse that I felt like my fluid was lower because my belly button was not as stretched. Strange? I know, but I’ve noticed the correlation. I have also noticed that one ultrasound tech ALWAYS comes back with really low levels. Then I go back for the next ultrasound and it is a huge amount higher. They say these things are not 100% accurate and it depends on the tech. I totally see it. Hopefully the levels are higher on Thursday.



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  1. I was induced with my first. I was in the hospital at around 6 and was given cervadil. Contractions started around noon and thats when they gave me the pitocin (which I dont really think I needed at that point since the Cervadil was doing just fine). The reason I am telling you this is perhaps the dr meant you could sleep through the period of time that your cervix is doing its thing but you arent actually contracting yet. Anyway, I am soo excited for you! I wish I knew when my little man was coming. Either way, if the Persian community in your area is anything like it is in ours your little one will be spoiled beyond belief, especially if everyone comes in from out of town every year for the new year!

    • We actually don’t have a ton of Persian folks around. Hubby’s family is pretty small and are mostly back in Iran. I should note that I have reminded him about the new year the past few years. He’s a bad Persian, LOL. MIL and I were talking about tradition and she started to tell me about jumping the fire and when I knew about it she said, “How did you know that?!” I told her Google, of course but she’s so cute.

  2. yay! so happy you can see a end in sight πŸ™‚

  3. Yay Jamie! That is so exciting!!! Congrats!

  4. congrats on the very exciting news!!! the 22nd will be here before you know it (and so will your new little guy). i have been following this blog since you went in and i’m so happy everything is working out. i’ll continue to keep you all in my prayers!

  5. So I will send you a text as soon as I can letting you know what I’m having, but I’m sure come March 22nd you will have plenty of other things to worry about! I’m so happy that you have an end in sight! Start making your grocery list for Kayvan so the house will be readily stocked when you and lil’ man make it home for the first time in almost 90 days! xoxo

  6. YAY! I am so glad for you getting to have an induction. Hope your Dr.can relieve some of your fears. I have seen some scary stuff about cytotec too.Good luck with everything πŸ™‚

  7. Hello!! I am from your April mommies on WTE!! I’ve been following you on here since the beginning of your journey. I just want to let you know about cytotec being used as an induction medication is very dangerous!! I’m currently taking Bradley method birthing classes (2nd time!) and everyone in the class has to research a topic and give pros/cons of the procedure. There is seriously nothing good that comes out of them inducing with cytotec. It’s not even a prescribed drug for inducing labor. It’s for ulcers and that happens to be a side effect. The company that manufactures the drug even has sent OB doctors publications stating that cytotec is not to be used to induce labor that is not what it was tested by the FDA for. I’m not wanting to sound pushy but there are sooo many risks with that option of induction that I’m very surprised that any doctor would use it for that reason. I had a friend that was induced by it last summer and her body was so over worked by the drug that her uterus gave out and stopped contracting on it’s own and they ended up giving her pitocin anyways. In the end she ended up gettig a c-section. I’m just trying to look out for you and I know induction is eminent. I think pitocin is all you would need. If you would like some publications on the dangers of the drug I can get them to you too!! I want to hear your baby was born without any problems or complications(0; sorry for the long post! Good luck!!

    • Hi there! I’ve read all of that too. However, from what I’m reading there are not many safe induction methods for me since I’m ruptured. We are still concerned about infection through and even after delivery. I don’t love the idea of pitocin either but I’ll do what I have to do. I think my main issue with cytotec…other than it not being approved is the risk for bleeding, since I have placental issues too. I have yet to see my doctor today and she may not be comfortable with cytotec either. The fellow mentioned it and honestly, I’ve never been impressed with his perinatal knowledge.

  8. I’m SO happy you have an end in sight! I’m a day late in commenting, so 14 days to go! It’s almost unbelievable that you’ll be holding your baby finally in two weeks. You deserve a very well-behaved little boy for all of this πŸ˜‰

  9. I’m also an April WTE board and I agree with the pp. Cytotec is something to look into. I read Ina May Gaskin’s book and “Pushed” and both authors do not have good things to say about it. I talked to my OB, who has been practicing for 30 years and she said that she has used it reliably for at least 15 years. When I asked about the black box warning she said that the drug company is not going to spend millions of dollars on marketing/research for cytotec to be used an a labor induction drug because that is a small % of what it is used for. The main use is to treat ulcers (orally). Part of the problem with the drug is no one knows exactly how much to use and once you start you can’t discontinue like you can with pitocin. I really don’t want that drug myself. I can’t recall 100% but I think she said that if you labor has started then they don’t use it but I’m having baby brain right now. I would really research and discuss with you doctor team, which it sounds like you are going to do already.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I think about you every morning! You are amazing as I don’t know if I could have kept my sanity in the hospital for as long as you have. But you could make a cool blog book on Blurb that would be an awesome keepsake for LO.

  10. HOORAY!!!! The end is in sight! (or should I say, the beginning… πŸ™‚ )

  11. i am also a fellow april mommy on WTE and today i offically became uncomfortable and i still have a month to go, your 15 days will fly by.. good luck

    • Sorry you are uncomfy. Pregnancy is glorious, isn’t it? However uncomfortable I wish wish wish I could have that last month. Try to enjoy it while it lasts and milk it for all you can right now. Park in every expectant mothers space you see! Not that its much of a consolation for the pain but you only get another month.

  12. That’s awesome, you can see the finish line now πŸ™‚ Hubby wanted his mom and my parents there for the delivery, heck no! BTW, I tried sleeping through early labor pains, but it was too painful. Didn’t sleep for 2 nights because of that, and then the baby came and of course no sleep then πŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting your little guy. Good luck!

  13. Yay for the end coming!!! I was only on bedrest for 12 days, then in the hospital for 4 more days after my section and coming home was amazing and terrifying at the same time. I can’t imagine you finally going home after that long!!
    Good luck with the delivery and hope you and your boy make it through with as little stress on both of you as possible!
    You will be in my thoughts on that day!

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