Day 73: Daddy’s Girl

March 7, 2011 at 1:02 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi, Sookie the French Bulldog | 3 Comments
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This kid is our first child and it is a boy.  But our first baby is our little French Bulldog and she is a total daddy’s girl.  Kayvan brought her up with him again today when he came to visit after dragging her lazy little butt out of bed.  He texted me first thing this morning with “It is kind of hard to sleep in with Sookie snoring in your face.”  I laughed.  Then he texted me a few minutes later with her snuggled up in bed refusing to move.   This is new, she used to snort in my face to wake me up at the crack of dawn…which meant she started sleeping in her crate.

I haven’t been able to see Kayvan as often since Sookie is home healing from her spay.  When I do get to see him, she comes with, which I have mentioned is a total plus.  I have seen them both Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week which rocks.  It’s been pretty evident that Sookie is incredibly attached to Kayvan.  He can’t walk to the other side of this room without her at his heels.  Today she was worse than the other two days.  She was really clingy with me today too but that only meant that she napped with me for an hour.  I’m pretty sure that was only the case because I’m the one with the bed.

When Sookie made it known that she wanted back on the floor, he put her down…then she wanted in his lap.  Kayvan was working on school work and there was room for a laptop, but not the dog.  So she sat under the rocking chair on his feet until he showed a little pity and picked her up.  I documented this act with a few photos. They say French Bulldogs are companion dogs…they also call them little clowns.  I think you can see that both are true.
















Aside from the visits from my loves it was just another rainy Sunday.  I didn’t want to wake up, the baby didn’t want to wake up…he even made me sit on the non stress test for an hour until he woke up and did his 15x15s.  The nurse told me today that I have officially graduated to two ultrasounds a week.  For the next two weeks I should have one ultrasound on Monday and another on Thursday to make sure the fluid levels stay up.  I’m chugging the heck out of water today to make sure they don’t have any reason to induce me before 36 weeks.  I’m hoping they will give me my induction date tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!



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  1. good luck with the ultrasound!

    • Thx…here I sit in limbo waiting and waiting for them to come get me. Who knows if they will come at 11 or 3:30. LOL

  2. glad they came 🙂

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