Day 72: Busy Day and Busted Internet

March 6, 2011 at 1:48 AM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 4 Comments

So it could be operator error, but I jumped on the computer to blog and it wouldn’t work. Thank goodness for my iPhone! How else would I communicate to the world that I’m still pregnant? The web was working earlier and it better work later so I can video chat with Hubby to say goodnight. This post will be short since I’m typing with two thumbs.

I discovered a well kept secret yesterday. You can order food from food service for up to an entire week in advanced. Interesting because I asked that question a bit ago and was told that I couldn’t. So yesterday I ordered breakfast for this morning. Waking up to a cooked meal combined with no resident this morning made for one very happy girl! Too bad food service royally screwed up dinner or they would have stayed on my good side.

The momma in the room next to mine is allowed out of bed for a bit each day so she came by to look at some hats. It was nice to talk to her. Kayvan came in with Sookie around noon and they stayed until 4:30ish. Sook was a bit playful when she got here. Full of spunk. She decided that it would be fun to be like a cat and go for my feet under the blanket. That made her tired so she slept for a while. You know, when Kayvan is out of her site, she whines…slightly annoying but I love that she loves him so much. She is getting used to being here for visits and seems to be happier to see me with each visit.

Millie and momma in law came by too. Momma in law brought Peruvian chicken for us. Mille brought some coffee back from het recent vacation to Columbia. I can’t wait to hear Kayvan’s report on it. Millie’s long tome friend, Jo had her very healthy baby girl on Monday at 36 weeks. She was the same gestational age this little guy will be. Hearing Jo’s news gives me hope that we can bring our guy home with us. In fact, I’m pretty confident he won’t have any time in the NICU. I made a hat for Millie to take to Jo when she visits. Hope she likes it!!

Baby boy passed his non stress test with flying colors again for the second day in a row. Maybe it’s the orange juice I’ve been drinking in the morning. I started drinking it 2 days ago. Coincidence?



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  1. Remember Aiden was also 36 weeks and totally fine! love ya!

    • I know, I know, I’m sure this guy will be fine too! But Aiden was like 8 lbs at 36 weeks. I’ll be lucky if this guy is 5.5 lbs. However, weight isn’t what determines if he gets to go home. I’m sure the steroids have helped his lungs but I worry about the whole eating and maintaining body temp. thing. AND if this whole ecogenic bowel will affect him.

  2. and your water being broken has risk also right? but your in such a better place than you were. Aiden cant wait to play with him and teach him stuff! ( his words )

    • Oh that aiden! Ya, the rupture is an infection risk and why they are inducing at 36 wks.

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