Day 71: Mixology

March 4, 2011 at 6:59 PM | Posted in Baby Romaezi | 5 Comments
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After quite some time of boycotting food service thanks to food from family, I am actually ordering food from the food folks here this week.  They have a new menu and just as I thought their service was mildly worth complimenting over the past two days, they messed up again yesterday.  No big deal, I’m used to it.  I am writing to share some exciting food related news.  Information I have discovered WAY too late.  This morning I wanted nothing more than a bacon egg and cheese sandwich.  That isn’t on the menu here so I ordered a cheese omelet, bacon, two pieces of toast, salt, pepper and some mayonnaise (yes, you have to specify the condiments you want).  And when they got here, I slapped them all together and it was DELICIOUS.  No, I can’t cook in here but I can assemble!  Then for lunch I was thinking of getting some milk and ice cream to stir together a chocolate milk shake.  I didn’t.  Instead I got orange sherbet and some sprite and made a float.  Too bad they don’t serve root beer here.  Regardless, I’ve got my dessert planned for the next 18 days.  To think jello once made me incredibly happy.  Now I have a new hobby to add to the whole crocheting thing.  Hmmm, what hospital concoction will I come up with next?  Chocolate shakes, vanilla shakes, floats….I’ve discovered this way too late.  By the way, after gaining 6 pounds 2 weeks ago I LOST a pound last week.  Don’t know how that happened because I pigged out.  Fluid loss maybe?  I get weighed again Saturday and will see how my new weight effects all of these milk shakes and floats I plan to consume.

I also learned something really cool at social hour yesterday.  The smoothies I send Kayvan to the cafeteria for on occasion.  The ones that cause him to return all grumpy because the cafe can never run our American Express card appropriately…ya, I can order those from my room too!  Sorry sugar, I didn’t know!  They also have strawberries available, but those are not on the menu…but I learned that a bit ago.  So today with my lunch I shall have a strawberry banana smoothie.  Making lemonade out of lemons baby.  Until my next grumpy morning at least.

Can I tell you how happy I am that video chat exists?  I am so happy to be able to SEE Kayvan AND Sookie every night.  Since Kayvan has been home with our healing pup all week I have really missed him.  We video chat every night before bed in addition to the multiple phone calls and IM chats we share throughout the day.  It makes having him at home a bit easier on me.  Well, except for when he gives me a close up of the dog’s butt.  Kayvan is being incredibly productive at home too.  In addition to going into work every day Kayvan is home cleaning our house.  The Christmas tree is no longer up—well at least he called saying he was taking it down then called to say he couldn’t get it into the bag.  Maybe it is partially down.  It’s March.  Does it matter?  He got all of the baby laundry done, his car detailed and is having the car seat installed in his car today.  He has also had maintenance done on both of our cars and is cleaning our house bit by bit…it’s still a disaster from Christmas preparations and the whole issue of no one being home but for short periods of time.  Once all of this is done we will hire someone to come deep clean the whole darn thing.  I’ve hired someone for after baby is home already.  Oh, annnnd, the nursery is pretty much ready to go!  I still need to pick curtains but I’m not finding anything I love online.  I think I’ll have to go browse some stores after the first few weeks.

Can I get a round of applause for baby boy?  Guess who flew through his 15 x15s on the non stress test this morning.  And QUICKLY.  I only spent 20 minutes on the monitors.  Woot!




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  1. Hi Jamie! Your nursery looks awesome, love the monkeys! Glad to hear you are finding ways to jazz up the hospital food. I was given the wrong menu when I checked in and didn’t discover the full menu until I was discharged on Tuesday!!! I have to be readmitted on March 17th so at least I’ll know all my options when I go back! Keep me posted on your decision for nursing products. I’m leaning towards the Bravado bras and possibly some nursing tanks from Target. The tanks seem like they would be great to sleep in and offer easy access! Take care!

    • I’m ordering 2 bras from target for now. They have good reviews online, are priced well and no wires. I think they are gilligan o’malley. If I like them, I’ll get more. If not, I’ll switch. I haven’t worked on tanks or much else yet.

      They gave the wrong menu to a pregnant person?! Not cool.

  2. yay for the excitement! and good job dad!

  3. Great job on the nursery! I love the paint job. I really love the storage cubes, too. I’ve been looking for some and can’t seem to find any that I like. So glad baby is growing well. Good luck in the next 3 weeks!

    • Thanks. The cubes are Martha Stewart. Got em at home depot. They have similar ones at target too.

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